July 18, 2012

Aunty Esther

Ok. This is going to be a quick post  'cos I just painted my nails a gorgeous Cadillac Pink and don't wanna ruin it by accidentally hitting it against my keyboard or something ;p

Anyway. last week, a friend asked me to babysit for her while she go to the movies. So we met up at the mall. She handed me the diaper bags and few instructions and off they went, leaving a 2 and a half baby girl in my care. Here's what we did..

Pet store.. to oogle at rabbits..

...and hamsters..

 and guinea pigs..

Then I decided to bring her to Borders to read some books. See, I'm a good aunty like that. 

She was happily flipping thru the books until she discover a book that goes along to the song,"The wheels on the bus goes round and round' and took it upon herself to teach the entire bookstore the song. She sang and sang and sang, oh, so very loudly. Luckily she is cute..

And then she found a book which comes with flaps... and she started singing, 'open and shut, open and shut, open and shut' over and over and over again. I think she went thru the whole book like 3 times. 

 I asked her, 'Lucie, do you want to colour?' Yes, I want colour, she replied. Pffttt!!! She coloured 1/2 an apple. I coloured 3 of them and part of the bowl.

Then she decided to pour all the crayons out onto the table..

And I had to arranged them neatly in a row.. 

She wanted to buy something. I asked her whether she have money or not. She said yes, when to her diaper bag and started digging thru it. 

And found a lip gloss.. which she decided to put for me.. 

...and herself.. 

Then she played hide and seek under the table.. 

But got bored since Aunty Esther couldn't fit under the table with her. She then threw all her crayons on the floor, stare at it for a bit, and proceed to sing 'Happy Birthday' loudly. A few times. -_-

My bottle. Lucie's bottle. Both purple colour. And as Lucie puts it so eloquently, We both so matching. 

Then she got hold off a Mickey Mouse stationery set, and refused to let it go.. until she spotted some stickers. 

Slightly more then an hour later, I decided to leave as she was getting a tad bit noisy. I wouldn't like to be kick out of the store. And walk to the center area, where she wore herself our by running in circles. I manage to capture some shots of her mid air running. Super cute.. 

Then I took her for tea - mini chocolate donuts for her, Japanese marble cake for me with a glass of Chatime. 

After 2 nibbles, she tore of the chocolate top, ate it and left the donuts alone. I managed to get her to finish up 2 donuts and she tore the other 3 into pieces.  


.. and roll them into tiny balls. I asked her what she was doing and she said, 'Learn from Aunty Joyce house'. Hahahaha.... 

She finish up the chocolate from all 5 donuts.. 

And then run around the cafe, charming people with her smiles..

She demanded for pearls... and made a bargain with me, which she did not keep. 

I ask her to count the numbers of strawberries, which she did, very loudly. And then came back to tell me there are 3 strawberries..

And then she pushed a cafe chair out into the mall... make a big circle.. and all the way back. I got no idea why.  

After tea, on the way to meet her mum, she ask me to carry her. I asked her why and she told me 'because I lazy to walk'. Such a lil monster. 

Not my best look but here''s me, 2 bags and a lil fatty... 

Then she saw this, and demanded that I take a picture for her... which I did, a couple of times cos she kept saying, 'again' 'again'. 

Then when I kept bugging her to hold my hands, she tuck her hands behind her back and told me, ' I angry at you ar'  and walked away. I wiped out my camera and asked her to give me an angry face. Which she did. 

But I managed to catch this picture of her digging her nose.... muaahahah!! payback time!!!

I'm such an evil aunty...

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