July 10, 2012

2 Days Shopping in Bangkok

What happens when 3 girls ends up in Bangkok??? Shopping!!! Since we only have 2 full days for shopping, we decided to use our time wisely by focusing on just 2 main areas..

First on the list, the biggest, baddess market in Bangkok - Jatujak/ Chatuchak. We took a free shuttle from our hotel to the Skytrain Station, change trains at Siam Staion and stopped at Mo Chit Station. We had no trouble finding the market as you can see there were loads of people walking towards it.... 

It doesn't really help when you are 5 feet tall. However, the colourful and interesting stalls covering the pavement was enough to take my mind and nose of  the stench of sweat mix with heat. 

I spotted a little girl doing here thing along one of the endless walkways. No, its not that they start young. She was actually playing. Her broom is her toy!! Now, who's complaining about lack of things to play?

Nice, cold thing to take the heat of the day away - colourful popsicles. I didn't dare to try them after my last fiasco in Bandung. However, I spotted lots of them, dripping, melting as they are hurriedly sucked away.  

Hmm... a very interesting sign spotted strung high above a walkways, almost away from sight. Bras & Things (for men and women).

Even though we managed to cover only like 10% of the market after 6 hours, it was worth it. Prices have risen as compared to a couple of years back, but its atmosphere, its uniqueness, still remains. Lots of interesting things to see, lots of people crammed along the walkways, so large, it still holds a fascination for  me. 

The next day, we headed to another part of Bangkok known as the Pratunam Area. Pratunam is known for its fashion clothing mall - Platinum Fashion Mall. However, there are many others such as the Pratunam Center, Pratunam City Complex, Pratunam Market, Pantip Plaza IT Mall, Indra Square and Garment Center. 

From our hotel, we started walking towards Platinum Fashion Mall. Along the way, we passed by Pratunam Market with looks really interesting with its many corridors leading into endless pleasures :)

Squealing chickens, Squealing pigs, squealing mouse.  

Street artists.. 


Really pretty soap holder and jewellery boxes... But expensive :p

Spot that thing on the far right? No? 

Take a closer look...

Anyway, I only have pictures of Pratunum Market. By the time we reached Platinum Mall, I was so excited that I did not take any more pictures. And we stayed there till the mall closed. Crazy happy :)

It was late.. so we stopped by 7-eleven and stock on on chips, yummy sausages, rice pork burgers and Tim Tams for dinner.. 

A short trip but so worth it. However, I left with a heavy heavy heart... wishing I had more money to spend. 

I'll be back, Bangkok... I'll be back.  

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