July 16, 2012

Lebua at State Tower Bangkok (Part 2)

During our stay @ Lebua at State Tower Bangkok, we had the opportunity of trying a few of its dining establishments. Each morning, breakfast was held at Cafe Mozu, located on the Mezzanine floor.

Cafe Mozu, offers Lebanese and Indian cuisine, which is evident not just in its food but décor and ambience as well. A long bench with colourful pillows adorn one end of the wall. There were tiny cubicles, just enough for a table for two at the opposite end. The walls and pillars were equally colourful with hanging lamps and such which created a nice, breezy middle eastern feel. 

The food variety wasn't much, but the choice and quality provided was enough to keep us very satisfied. Different types of fruit juices and milk every day; some of which I have not even heard off. They also have 3 egg stations, which I give 3 thumbs up for. Most hotels provides only 1 or 2 stations, which often causes a long queue. 

There were too many delicacies to try. But those that I did were amazing, soft and crumbly. There were more than 30 types of pastries, bread and cakes. I know, cos I counted them (a couple of times) while waiting for my eggs one morning. There were a whole lot of different types of cakes, breads, puffs, Danish pastries, pies, and buns. 

OK, this must have special mention. Their waffles are TO DIE FOR!! Topped with  choices of jams and honey, I couldn't get enough of it. I had my pick of normal honey, butterscotch honey, honey with bits of chocolate chips and the thing that seal the deal was a honeycomb - cut into a long rectangular shape, and tilted at an angle, just enough to let the honey dripped into a holder. Fresh of the comb. The waffle guy smiles each time he sees me cos I leave with a huge stack of it piled high on my plate, topped with huge helping of whipped cream. Paradise!!

Different types of fruits and yoghurt. Their yoghurt are delicious. There were choices between berry flavour and normal flavour and a selection of toppings - nuts, dried fruit, etc. 

Gosh... I'm craving of it already. 


Our stay was inclusive of unlimited use of the Tower Club - which provided free flow of food and drinks till 6pm. We took advantage of that on the 2nd day, and hurried back after Chatuchak just in time to change and get ourself to Ocean 52, located on 52 floor. They are very strict about their dress code, so please dress appropriately. 

The maître d' took us to our seats and handed us a menu each. After taking our orders for drinks, we were served with a basket full of chicken puffs and scones, and assorted sandwiches. Drinks were replenished frequently. We were also served bowls after bowls of cashew nuts. 

After filling our stomach to the brim, we were told there is a dessert bar at the other end of the room. Not one to turn down desserts, I dug myself up from the comfy sofa and headed towards the counter. No regrets about that. Trays and trays of sweet stuff, on picks, in a cup, in bottles, in jars. Bliss!!! There were even ice tea, some sushi thingie, and assorted fruits. 

The embarrassing part was when I tried to reach into the cookie jar to grab some cookie. The counter was so high that I had to tip-toe to reach into the cookie jar .... and then, I dropped the jar cover. It landed on the counter with a couple of loud crashes. I felt like a kid stealing from a cookie jar. Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Who me?

After tea, we walk a few steps towards Breeze, an open air restaurant on the 52nd floor, to take in the view. Breeze offers Asian cuisine with an elegant setting. The bird's eye view of Bangkok is indeed amazing. It was too early for dinner and we were stuffed from tea. However, the doorman gave us the green light to walked across the glass sky-bridge suspended mid air to snap a few pictures. 

We planned to go for a swim, but after such a heavy tea, we decided to chill and read our books for a bit instead. The pool was nothing spectacular and the water was too cold for my liking. 

We reach back our room to find our beds turned up, lights dimmed and slippers ready for the night. Another thumbs up for customer service :) However, we were not ready to turn in yet cos the night is still young. We got dressed up, not before I had my long date with the tub, and headed out to the well-known and popular SKYBAR!

Skybar, one of the highest open-air bar is made famous from the movie - The Hangover 2, where these bunch of guys came, got drunk and did crazy stuff for a Bachelor party. Prices were actually less than what I expected with price starting from RM50 or THB490. 

We decided on Spring & Pink of the Roof. A picture of my eldest sister & Lyd. And a ghostly picture of me. :p

We hang out a bit, took some pictures, watch the bartender mixing, and people watch. After a while, it became crowded. It was actually a very small bar with just space for 2 people surrounding the bar counter. Not only that, the bar counter came up to my shoulders, where for most of the foreigners they could put their elbows on it. So its not surprising for me to feel unease at  smelling people underarm most of the time. We decided to leave after finishing our drinks but not before snapping a picture of  Sirocco, world's highest al fresco restaurant as we headed past it towards the exit. 

It was an early end to the night, but it was saved by curling up under the warm comfy blanket which watching chick flick on the TV. A great end to a tiring day. :)

p.s. Sorry for the poor quality pictures. All pictures were taken with Samsung Galaxy W. 

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