July 22, 2012

GAB Foundation River Carnival Water Project

Last weekend, I woke up early, got dress and drove to Zoo Negara. 

Once we reach, we unload and drag our barang-barang (belongings) thru the zoo till we reach the carnival area. 

We set up, arranged our stuff and got ready for a long day. 

Finally, ready to meet the crowd. 

Our last minute creative looking info board - where children can see and choose the craft they wanted to do. 

Poster for Upcycling Nature Art Workshop - that's us!!

Some craft/ art on display. 


Snow Ball, the clown. 

The event started with speeches by the YBhg Datp' Haji Zaharin Haji Md Arif, deputy President of the Malaysian Zoological Society ; Tan Sri Saw Huat Lye, Chairman of GAB Foundation and YBhg Dato' Dr Mohd Ali bin Mohamad Nor, Deputy Secretary General 1, Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment. 

Follow by an amazing pre-performance by the River Musical Team.  

And then it was work, sweat, work, sweat, work till 5pm. Here's our handiwork. 


A very tiring day, but couldn't have done it without this fantastic people. 

It was a really good experience for me, learning about saving our rivers at the same time, helping teach others to recyle. All in a few good day's work :)

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