February 27, 2012

an adventure : Zhuhai, China

It's been 3 1/2 months since I last step foot out of the country and considering that I have travelled almost every 2-3 months last year, it's high time I get my butt out of my chair and move.. but then I have a wedding to plan and before you start on how my life should not revolve around my wedding, I need to remind you that my budget does... OK, I admit Rockstar is covering most of it but this couple of months have been challenging and I guess I will have to suppress my travel bug for a bit.. 

....and the fact that Rockstar will be travelling to Korea for 10 days is not helping me at all.. 

Oh well, since I still have lots of previous trips un-blogged yet, here's a continuation of it :)

After Macau herehere, here and here, we crossed the border to Zhuhai, China.  

Zhuhai is well-known for being a clean, modern city which is popular with tourist. Zhuhai is also nickname "City for lovers' due to its history. We took a 3D2N tour since we were all too lazy to plan but it was a good tour. We had lots of time as the tour was exclusive for our group, and we did not have to accommodate others. 

Fave memory: On the first night, after dinner, we were brought to the New Yuanming Place for a night show.  I was really impress with the costumes and choreography. But being in China for so many times, it looks similar to all the others. However, the 2nd part of the show was outdoor; set around a lake. We had front row seat and it was fun cos the actor and actresses came up right to our feet. There was even a pirate who grabbed my bag and ran of with it (he did returned it later) and a girl who came running to us away from the soldiers who wanted to rape her and a bull that walked a few feet passed me and a fight that happened between the pirates and villages which was so close that I just reach out, grab a sword and hop in to fight. 

Must Eat: As we were on tour, we were brought to various restaurants to eat. But this particular restaurant stood out because it was a restaurant cum art gallery - Ming Jia Kitchen Art Restaurant. Sitting among art pieces, having a sumptuous dinner, after a long tiring day....feels like a rich tai tai! But sorry, no pictures of art as I was too busy eating. 

See: Meixi Stone Archways. Check out the Meixi Torii located in the center of the Chen's Garden. Only 3 stone archways left; build in 1886 and 1891.There is also a wax museum in one of the old buildings with old chinese people. Kinda creepy. We also stayed on to watch the king of Masks show. 

Don't miss: Skyline form JinShan Park. Take a rickity old 2-seater cable car (Sante Cableway) up and a roller cart down *only for the brave-hearted*. Roller carts have no breaks. You sit in, strap up, and hold on for your dear life as a driver sitting in the first cart maneuver the train of carts on the track as it goes speeding down the mountain. Adrenalin rush!!!

The fisher girl located out in the sea along Lovers Road. Since the tour guide spoke in mandarin and my mandarin is kinda so-so, I understood only half the story. It was something about a goddess and her pearl that represented her immortality and her husband who is also a statue on top the mountain and they made some sacrifices which turned them into stone...... I think...

Lotus Road in Gongbei, also known as the Walking Street. Shopaholic heaven!! Lots of people, lots of things to buy. Yes, even baby rabbits on a stick. 

We also visited the Imperial Hot Springs Resort which had 20 kinds of hot springs. I would have had a good experience if I did actually bring my bathing suit. We were not allowed to go in without bathing suits. So we ended up having free dinner buffet. 

Traveler Tip! Be careful while buying food on Lotus Road. If possible, avoid at all cost unless you want to end your holiday hugging the toilet bowl :) Besides that, Zhuhai is a very modern and clean city. Not much to sight-seeing to do. Come here if you want to shop, which a lot of people from Macau do as it just across the border and its way cheaper.  

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