February 12, 2012

Weekend, laundry and treasure trove

Its been an eventful week. There was just so many things happening... but you know, it just affirmed my faith in God.To say that I no longer have fear its not true, but what its true is that I know that God is in control and that He has a plan for me. I fear not.. 

Weekends are always great.

Saturday alarm rang at 5.30am. Woke up and turned it off cause there is no BB meeting this week. Even though I love the kids, I gotta say "Yay!!!". A Saturday morning free is so rare.. So it was back to sleep for me :) But I did managed to get some spring cleaning done later.  

My treasure trove. A drawer-filled with childhood treasures. Forgotten, dust-covered but holds lots of memories. Couple of hours of sorting out, 2 bags of rubbish and 1 box to keep, here's what I have left...

My jewelry boxes. 
Used it to keep so many bits and pieces that I hold valuable when I was younger.

My mum's vintage necklaces..  So dainty and pretty.

My mum's locket.. It belongs to her even before she got married.
Its has such a gorgeous blue stone in front.. 
And it still has her picture in it.

My first ever jewelry given to me by my parents..
Its so old that the rubber string is giving way.. I might consider restringing it and keeping for my (future) daughter. Its a cheap plastic thing but it was so precious to me and I felt prettier just wearing it then. 

Bunches of letters from friends.. and yes, admirers too. Nah, I threw them all away. Heck, I can't even remember half of them. Childhood crushes will always be childhood crushes. But its so cute to read them again. 
But it did keep the letters from my besties in school. We used to see each other everyday in school, during BB meetings on Saturday and church on Sunday. 7 days a week, yet we still talk on the phone everyday after school and even wrote letters to each other. Letters about who like how, who to friend or not, stuff... ah, so much memories. Joyce and Sam and Ly, I'll keep this for our kids to read : ) 

These are my diaries.. Yeah, I wrote a lot last time and yes, I did start each post with "Dear Diary". Its really funny to read what I wrote last time. So many crushes, school days and crazy stuff we used to do; like playing - Spin the bottle and who kissed who *haha.. scandal*. I also used to be a HUGE fan of Westlife, hence the diary covered with them.. and also Titanic, which I still have a bunch of cards. Seriously, don't laugh k...

And an old picture of me and best friend... I looked so fair and skinny then; still fair but not so skinny now.  He is dark and skinny then.. Not so dark and skinny now :)

Cards, letters, notebooks, gifts... 
My greatest find from this treasure trove is.... a RM50!. I think it must be like 8 years old or something. Cos I found it between a notebook given by my best friend before he left for Melbourne. When I found it, I texted him about it but ....we both couldn't remember what was it for. So yeah, maybe I'll keep it for another few years and hopefully I'll remember it then :) or we'll just go for a meal when he gets back.. 

So spring cleaning, house work, a training, church service, dinner with Rockstar's family, badminton session and dinner with my family.. that's how my weekend went.. 

Oh, and I finally manage to get my laundry done.. I absolutely loath ironing and will just wait until I got no choice. So here's a pile of 2 months worth of ironing done. Pheww!!

So much revelation in this post. 

How have your weekend been?


Tim said...

We can use the Rm 50 when I come back next week. Can't stop laughing looking at myself.

Esther Chew said...

Can. If you got time to meet up :)

Yeah, I know.. I think we both look so different..