February 24, 2012

A Trip : Fraser's Hill

About 2 and a half weeks ago, there was a long weekend due to Prophet's Muhammand's Birthday and Thaipusm *gosh, how I love Malaysian holidays*, the whole family decided for a quick gateway. As it was quite a last minute thing, we did not manage to get reasonably price rooms. But after googling, I came upon a private-own apartment which was just great cos the price was much lower as compared to hotel-own. And surprisingly, the apartment wasn't too bad. It was small, clean, tho a little musky due to the dampness. *email me if you want the contact*

We had alot of food and fun which you would be able to tell by the photos below :)

Our stash of food and tibits for 2 days, 2 night. Sunset view from our apartment and dinner at a Chinese restaurant @ Fraser's Hill Hawker Center. *psst, don't go there. Very rude lady boss and small portion. Unsatisfying* 

The next morning, we woke up bright and late to have breakfast all the way to lunch which lazying around. I managed to catch some photos around the apartment which my dad was bird-watching. Some shots below were taken by my BIL. 


My 2nd sister & BIL at the balcony. Awesome view. We accompanied my dad for bird-watching at a Jelai Resort and saw so many different types of birds which I have never seen before. Too bad I did not have long-range lens and my current lens have very limited zoom. Family picture. 

Next desintation, waterfall. Supposely the most well-known waterfall in Fraser's Hill. Some shots on a bridge outside the falls. 
Took a trek in but was sorely disappointed. Brown water. Nothing impressive. Random shot of a stone wall, me twinnie and brother. 
Cheesy rings. Just 2 on the sidewalk. Abandoned. More brown water.Me eldest sister jumping crazy. Row of shoes sun-tanning on a car at the carpark outside the falls. 


We caught sight of The Smokehouse on the way to the waterfalls and decided to stop for tea on the way out. No reservation made so we passed the waiting time posing and pretending. Except me twinnie who actually wanted to spend the whole weekend on her bed reading but had no choice but to tag along with us. She ended up bringing her book everywhere. 

There's suppose to be a picture of the scones and cakes and tea here but I'm not sure where it went. Will update tomorrow as it is in the other computer. :)

A family picture before leaving The Smokehouse. My hair's kinda messy cos I rushed over after setting the timer and did not have time to check my gorgeous face =p 

We then went to town center, walked around, took more pictures and then went back to the apartment. We ended that night with loads of maggi, eggs, bread, chips and junks, played UNO Spin and watch G.I. Joe.

The last day after checking out, we drove around Fraser's Hill and stop at random places for my dad to catch his 'birds'. And of cos shots of flowers, beautiful, gorgeous flowers. I just love them. 


We stopped by Kuala Kubu for lunch/tea (will blog about it later) and took a long drive back home.

Had so much fun doing just nothing :) How I wish I could go for more trips like this? 

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