February 14, 2012


Rockstar and I normally do not celebrate V-day on V-day as we find it such a hype and waste of money. We usually do something either a few days before or after. But this year, he decided to surprise me with something different. 

A trip. 

We left KL about 2.30pm, drove up to Genting Highlands, walk around, had buffet dinner @ Resort World, enjoy the cold air, watch a gorgeous sunset, drove back down and arrived home at 8.30pm. 

6 hours away from work. 6 hours away from hot weather. 6 hours spend with Rockstar. *smiles*




Its not a very good thing to have such a heavy buffet a day before my gown fitting but the buffet spread is really, really good. So much variety and choices.. Seriously, its much cheaper then celebrating in KL. RM63++ for an adult. Worth every single cent.  

Let me end V-day by wishing all my love ones a "Happy V-day!" and know that you are love. 


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