February 7, 2012

CNY 2012. the end.

Finally, Chinese New Year is over!!!

...and its the end of all those Chinese new year cookies and dinners... my thighs and tummy says Hallelujah!!!!

Here's how my CNY celebration went..

CNY Eve Dinner @ Grandma's place
+ Dad's 57th Birthday

First ever meet up with relatives, distant cousins, niece & grand-aunty..
I am an aunty!!! I have a 2 nieces... which I just found out..

Shopping with parents & siblings at e@curve

Dinner @ Chew's Residence

Dinner @ Aunty Kim's new apartment

There were couple more visitations and dinners which I didn't mange to take pictures. But all in all, it was a very good CNY celebration.. Lots of food, cookies, catching up on news, laughing, playing,... 

Hope that your CNY celebration was great too!!

Happy Belated CNY everyone!!!

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