February 20, 2012

Tips for Wedding

How's your weekend?

I spend my time catching up on blogs reading and staring at pictures of my wedding dresses and you know what... I think I am starting to like them... Haha... weird huh?

Anyway, I'm getting so stress out about my wedding planning. The whole theme thing, colours, ideas. The more I search the web, the more I read about other people weddings, the more I look at ideas and inspirations, the more I get so frustrated. I like so many things, I want to incorporate so many things. First, I wanted this theme, then I change my mind, then I look at other ideas, and then I change my mind again. Finally, I just say 'screw it', no more themes for me; I will just do whatever I want. So what if its a jumble of stuff, its me and I like it :)


I read this during the weekend and I kinda like it...

Matthew Robbins Ten Tips for an Inspired Wedding  (link)

1. Keep things personal. Look for inspiration from your own world. What do you collect, wear, eat? Where do you travel? How do you decorate? These are all sources of inspiration for finding your voice and vision for your event. 

2. Remember to edit, edit and edit again! Simplifying your initial ideas and inspiration will lead to a more beautiful, cohesive vision. 

3. Don’t allow style trends to determine the design details of your wedding. Being current is great but timeless is even more important. You want to enjoy your wedding photos for years to come so don’t ruin things by getting too caught up in overly trendy ideas. 

4. Take in all of the advice and opinions that will come your way but stay true to your original vision. 

5. Find a good point of inspiration and expand from there. Take a favorite object and break down the design details. Allow this to dictate a color palette, a mood or an overall vision. 

6. Focus on a mood or an overall impression rather than a theme or anything too specific. You can tell a story without making things obvious or overdone. 

7. Remember you will never find an image of exactly what you are looking for in your own wedding decor. I see so many brides and grooms perplexed by not discovering any images of what they want for their event and I always suggest they should stop worrying about it! You will never find that perfect image! You want something unique and truly your own so consider the images and ideas as inspiration rather than literal interpretations of your own design plans. 

8. Allow the seasons to inspire your ideas. This will infuse your wedding with a sense of time and place without framing it with anything too specific. 

9. Go hunting and gathering for inspiration in museums, art galleries, boutiques, antique stores, eclectic neighborhoods and every place you travel! Remember to take photos of anything you find inspiring. You never know when a great pattern on a dress or a beautiful chair in a furniture showroom might inspire an entire design plan! 

10. Take a deep breath and instead of thinking of your wedding day as the singular most important style statement of your life consider it to be the best dinner party you have ever hosted! If you remove the pressure and the stress of feeling like you have to say everything with your wedding just try saying one or two things elegantly and with a sense of personal style! 

Sorry if I'm boring you with so much wedding stuff. I promise I will blog about other stuff soon :)

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