March 2, 2012

Free Advice

Sorry for the lack of post lately. Been super busy with wedding stuff and work..

Guess what? I went for my pre-wedding photo shoot yesterday and gosh, its super tiring. But despite having to stand on heels the entire day and smiling and posing at weird angles, I had fun. *surprise! surprise* And might consider another photo shoot but this time a more casual one..

Anyway, here's some stuff I learned and wanna share :

1. Go at separate timing to prevent time wastage. Rockstar & I arrived at the studio about 9.30am-ish. I finished my make-up and hair-do about 11.30am. He went for breakfast and spend the rest of the time sleeping on the coach. Girls normally need longer time to get ready.

2. Talk to the photographer before the day. We only meet the photographer on the day itself and it took some time before we got comfortable with each other. And we actually wanted something more natural and relax but he had a different mindset, which is also good cause he manged to direct two noobies in modelling :) But we didn't get to use much of the props that we lugged around the entire day.

3. Choose your photographer wisely. We wanted something more natural and relax which the photographer was not. I'm not saying he is no good but he had a different style. He is more professional and experience in serious shots. If you want something more casual, he would not be able to provide it for you.

4. Remember to check for additional cost. We paid RM3988 for the whole package... but apparently it wasn't enough. We have to pay another RM90 for body foundation, *anyone getting married and wanna share half a bottle?*,  RM70 for 2 pairs of eyelashes, RM140 for 4 bottles of ampule, RM12 for facial sponge. And we were not informed that the photographer, videographer and make-up artist will be sitting in our car and since our car couldn't fit, we had to pay them additional RM50 to cover petrol and parking to use their own car.

5. Check the number of dresses (indoor/ outdoor/designer/ new design) that they have before signing up for a package. A lot of dresses couldn't fit me as I am quite petite and apparently not all dresses can be taken for outdoor photo shooting. And also, check the cost if the gowns get damage. One of the dresses I tried had a damage cost of RM1k. Not worth the paying. Select something easier to maintain. And yes, the possibilities of damage is high. eg. wine stains, water and mud stains if its raining, torn fabric caught on heels or chairs, or even your diamond ring.

6. Bring photos and pictures of what you want and show it to the photographer. He or she will at least have some ideas. If you like certain hair styles, bring and show your make-up artist. Don't just expect her to understand what you want. But listen to their advice too as they have experiences.

7. Bring books/ newspaper/ iphone or something to pass time. Girls need more time to get ready and in between shots, change of dress means change of hair-do and make - up; which will take up approximately 30- 45 minutes each. There will also be more solo shots of girls. 

8. Wear comfortable heels. I brought 4 pairs but ended up wearing 1 of my moist uncomfortable pair the entire day. Talk about having to stand on one leg, balance on my toes, at an awkward angle, smiling and making sure I look effortless. Gosh!!! And 100% of the time, my shoes didn't show. So you can't even see if I am wearing my nice 5 inch heels or just flip flops. 

9. Remember to keep you chin up, relax your shoulders, push your chest up, turn your face to the light and smile :)

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome. Even though I have not seen the pictures yet, I saw some through the camera screen and it looks better then I expected. Just hoping that the photos comes out good and that we don't look weird. I can't recognize myself under the make-up and hair-dos. :)

Yeah! I need to lose weigh pronto... been piling on the kgs :(

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