February 16, 2012

the magical dress

I thought that wedding dresses are magical and will make just any girl feel oh, so beautiful... 

But I was wrong. 

I went for my dress fitting today and guess what... almost every dress I tried on made me feel less and less beautiful. The dresses were either too long or my butt couldn't fit in or my boobs are too small to fill the hollow frame of the dress..

... and its so depressing..

I just wonder how many girls feel the same? Do we have to be tall, and thin, have big boobs, big butt, long legs just to feel beautiful? 

And the sales attendant couldn't be bother about what I want. When I tried to show her pictures of dresses that I like, she just brushed it off and told me to go look at their choice of dresses. She made me feel like "Meh, just another girl trying on dresses". 

Most dresses were similar... Hard, structured, modern, copy and paste.. After awhile, it all started to all looked the same to me. I wanted something with sleeves. She gave me a look of disbelief, like why on earth would a girl want to cover up on her wedding day? Any short dresses? Nope. Anything with less bling bling and sequins. Erm... why you want so bland one? Everything also want bland bland one. Do you have dresses with more lace? Sorry, all our customer wants modern look, not like you so old-fashioned. 

Ok, maybe I might be over-reacting a little but then, that's how I felt. 

So I concluded that I need to grow another 5 inches *no, heels just won't be enough*, get a boob job to maybe a cup D, and tone my bum. Well, I have exactly 7 months to work all that out. 

Oh, but in that 3 1/2 hour there, I did manage to find 1 dress that is just so... magical! Its big and poofy with layers and layers and layers of netting and cloth. When I put it on I feel just like a princess. I prance around the shop, dance in it, twirled round and round... I felt like I was floating on air. I was so excited that I texted Rockstar the picture and he said:

"No! I don't like it"


Good-bye beautiful magical dress... We are just not meant to be. 

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