August 27, 2010

"You look so young"

I just interviewed a girl.

And she brought her mother along.

No harm of cos as she was just 16 years old. And her mother was worried that her daughter might be bullied by some mean-old employer.. hehe..

But upon meeting me, the mother said  "You look so young, are you sure you can mange to be running this shop".

This pic was taken last month in Beijing.
It's not a super nice shot as I CAN'T FIND any shots of myself alone. I am so totally not a cam-whore..

Do I really look that young?

Ever since I hit my college years, it seems that I am getting younger and younger..

Everytime when I'm at shopping centres, the credit card guys will always approach Rockstar, NOT ME. And I am the one qualified for credit cards.

Let's not talk about loans and savings and investments and stuff..  or getting into clubs..

Just downstairs at the entrance, a bank have set up a booth promoting plans and packages.. But NOT ONCE did they approach me even when I passed them so many times.. They didn't want to waste their time with a "kid".. I laugh to myself .. After all, it's their loss for losing a prime potential target like me..

Every other customer that walks in doesn't believe that I'm the "boss"..

Comments received range from " Are you sure?" "But you look so young" "Where is your father?" *roll eyes* "Have you graduated?" "Are you working part-time?"

I guess I'm stuck to looking like a school girl all my life ..*which is a good thing as I get older and older.. hehe*

Maybe I should started dressing up for work instead of the usual jeans, t-shirt and monobos.. And add on some more make-up..

My sister complains about my dressing all the time.. I think I should start listening to her lectures advise.. After all, she is the one with experience since people always say she looks like the elder twin..

Anyway, she started her own LookBook thingie..Check her out..

So to all the people out there who looks young, don't be discouraged.. We will be the ones laughing in the future... *big smile*

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