August 25, 2010

Awards Day is finally over... and a new haircut

Awards Day is finally over! It a huge relief for me as it was under my supervision and there were just so many things to do. I felt more pressure as this is my 1st big formal event since taking up the captainship. And not only that, this was the first time in the history of 10th KL Boys’ Brigade company that we have so many recipients of awards. And adding on, this year, 10th KL is the biggest company in Kuala Lumpur with over 440 members. It’s crazy right? Imagine 440 young minds all under my power…muahahaha!! *evil laugh*

It was partly my fault for taking things easy at the beginning. At first, it just felt like “I have done it so many times before” and “Aiyah, organize event only ma”. So everything was easy going till the week of Awards Day. Then reality sets in. Thank God I was working on my own because my boss will sure sack me :) . I had to chase everyone and to ensure that they all did their work. " Have Pastor Alan been informed? Has you confirmed the worship team? Have they practice? What songs are they going to sing? Is Dato Lew Sip Hon coming? Have you informed him that his speech is only 5 mins? Who are the Colour Guards? Where is the names list for the Guard of Honour? What? They haven't practice yet? Have the award's receipients confirmed? Awards packed and ready? Slides done? Certificate printed? Performers costumes ready? You need 10 mins? Why so long? Who to promote? Have you assess them? Have we gotten approval? Have all officers voted?  Who is getting the souvenirs? What souvenirs are we getting? Towels? But we already gave them last time? 100% attendence leh? Not confirmed yet? How to make trophys? Why trophies so expensive one? Aiyah, why all the ushers in GOH? How to usher guest? Multimedia no photos? Go get la. Do I look like a camera to you? Where are the reports on 10th KL? WHy the band report so long one? Who is bringing the laptop? Who is going to be compiling all the slides? Food leh? No need refreshment meh? OH no, Mrs Khoo, Mrs Ang and Elder Ang (they are FGA founders) is coming? Better prepare. Wait? What you meant our Guest of Honour cannot make it? Then who is giving the speech? Where are the parents going to seat?' and the list goes on and on..


Well, thank God that it was a success. Truth be said that there were definitely glitches and mistakes here and there but everything when smoothly… Of cos, I did panic a couple of times, while trying to maintain in my seat, fidgeting and fighting the urge not to run around and get things done myself. But my team of people did a great job. Without them I could have done it..

So here’s my very big THANK YOU! for all the effort, time, energy and passion for 10th KL..

When Saturday was over, it was like this huge burden lifted off me. And I realize something.. Before this, I was the one running around and getting things done. But ever since becoming the captain of 10th KL, I have other roles and responsibilities to look into. So, I need someone like me to replace the old me and to assist the new me :) hehe.. any takers?

So 10th KL 12th Awards Day 2010 is finally over… will meet again next year :p


Oh yeah, here’s a photo of me. The one with the red patch on the head.

Yep, I did cut my hair. Just a couple of days ago.

When Rockstar first saw me, he said “You look like the girl from Scooby-Doo”. And I got mad at him. How can he say I look like a geeky looking girl? Do I look like a nerd? He did not apologized *angry face* And the worst is he did not compliment me. Come on guys, even if your girlfriend look ugly as hell, you got to make her happy, even if it means lying.

Anyway, what he didn’t know was that I had that exact same thought right when I looked into the mirror after my hair cut. To top it off, I was wearing a turtleneck with my glasses on.

She looks kinda cute here..

I think I will pass for her :p


gapnap said...

ROFL ...

I can't stop laughing now ....


Esther Chew said...

Why? What's so funny?