August 4, 2010

Something about presents and twins

Let me tell you something really weird..

In our family, we have a tradition or a habit that many thinks its troublesome and do not practice them. Well, we give lots of gifts. Every Christmas, every birthdays. Even my sister who is young, started giving us presents since she started primary school. Yeah, seriously.. She buys us small stuff like chocolates with her own pocket money during Christmas. So cute right? So no excuses for younger people who thinks that just because they are young, they are given leeway...

Anyway, if you think that's normal. Well, we also buy gifts whenever we travel. Not souvenir-like stuff. Its real presents. For example, when my 2nd sister went for her honeymoon, she came back with a dress, a belt and a peal bracelet for me. That's only for me. And if you don't know, I have a huge family.

Yep, you are right. We spend a lot of money giving. Which is good for me cos I like receiving presents :p and of cos I love giving people stuff. Every trip I take, I spend most of my time shopping for presents for people.

And the trip to Beijing & Tianjin was not any different..

So, one day, Rockstar & I was walking near the Drum Tower area with different intention in mind. I was of cos looking for the shopping area and he on the other hand was looking for his guitar shops. And we got lost. Sort off.. We enter this back alley that seem to stretch for miles.. And after walking a distance, we realise that we better turn back. As we were walking back, something caught my eye. Amidst the backyard, back doors, houses, there was this quaint looking green door with a bell that led to a even quainter shop.

The shop was like somebody closet. I saw a couple of wardrobes against the wall and a huge table right in the middle of the room. And the fun part was that it was filled with stuff. Clothes bursting out of the closet, falling of the table and off chairs, hanging on the window. Just everywhere. Piles and piles of knicks-knacks. It was a treasure trove. I was in 'heaven'. Sad to say, I did not spend much time there as out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Rockstar fidgeting, impatient to look for his guitar shops. So i took a quick stroll around the shop and as I was leaving I passed by the counter. Perch right at the corner of the table was a jewellery box. I took a peek and I saw something.


Its so unique and its cute. It has prayer hands on all four sides and it opens up to a tiny box. I'm sure Lydia will like it. So I paid for it and left the shop..

Here's the weird part..

Back at home, in Malaysia, as I was distributing my presents to my siblings and family, I remember this pendant that I got for Lydia. I handed it to her and said, "I saw this and I thought that it's cute and you would like it". She took it, stare at it for a while. Drop it on the floor and ran upstairs.

I wondered why..

She ran back downstairs and said, " I saw something at the bazaar 2 weeks ago and I thought its nice so I bought it" and she dropped it into my hands.

Ok, for those of you who are thinking. Awww.. so sweet she bought you a present.. You are WRONG!

She drop this into my hands.

Are you freak out yet??

IT's THE EXACT SAME PENDANT!!! Just that the one I bought is silver, hers is gold-ish bronze. And nope, I never saw it before and she did not tell me she bought it, even though she bought it 2 weeks ago.

Well, I guess it proves that twins are very much alike..

It freaked me out too!!


gapnap said...

crap.this is scary!

good thing there's only one clement cheng .

Whats the price difference ?

Lydia said...

haha! no worries... v hv different taste :p
n i got it for RM10-RM12 if I'm not mistaken... definately much more expensive...

Esther Chew said...


yeah, about double the price la..