August 8, 2010

Car problem, handphones stolen and a dirty old man..

Wow! What a weekend.. Forgive me if I start rambling on and on.. I'm been helluva weekend..

Firstly, on Saturday, after a long day at BB and an outing to Skytrek, I was driving home with my brother.. and I realised the car sounded funny.. Ok, for those of you guys who are about to make a funny joke about girls and cars, let me tell you something k.. My dad is a DIY guy and that includes fixing cars up. And since he only have a son who came much later in his life, he trained all his girls well.. 'Well' meaning we know who to handle some gadgets, fix things around the house, and even some car maintenance.. He needs too as there are so many girls in the house and we each have a car.. We always joke that he has a full time job at the Chew's Bengkel. Our side porch have been turned into a workshop and business is blooming..

Ok, where was I? Oh yeah, my car sounded funny.. * I know when an engine sounds different k*

But I decided to keep on driving because No.1, I was very tired and zombie-ish already.. Brain not functioning; No.2. I was on the main road near the Parlimen House and I did not want to stop there.. Too many fast cars.. Dangerous!So I kept on going till I exited the Sungai Buloh exit on NKVE.. The car steering wheel COULD NOT TURN!!! I had to use all my strength to turn it.. First thought was Oh OH.. flat tyre. I stopped the car by the roadside and got down to check. Nope, nothing wrong. Since I was so near home, I decided to keep on driving. About 1km later, I suddenly realised my car temperature was almost hitting the top. I started panicking.. Luckily there was a petrol station nearby. I stopped my car there, turned of the engine and hopped out of the car, screaming at my brother to get out.

Steam was pouring out from the side of the car. Thank God it did not explode or caught fire..

To cut the long story short. I called my dad to save me :) While waiting for him to come, I popped open the car bonnet and let it cool down. When he arrived, we decided to leave the car there and collect it later as there were many cars on the road at that time.

So that night, around 11pm+, my dad and I got into another car, drove to my car, tied a towing rope (a thick rope mean for towing vehicles) a towed my car home. We had to stop a few times as my car kept going over the rope. Well, try driving an auto car with only the ignition on, relying on just the hand brakes and trying desperately not to go to fast or to slow (or I will hit my dad's car in front) going up the slope, down the slope, and up again, turning right , up the slope, stopping at a junction, turning right, down a slope, stopping at a traffic light, getting pass an intersection and finally up a slope again.

Phewww... Finally made it home..

It's been a good experience. can say that I now know how to tow a car *yay*

And the problem with my car? A car has 3 belts (nope I'm not talking about seat belts). There is 3 belts for the steering wheel, alternator and fan. And one of it broke of. So went it broke off, the steering wheel could not turn properly, fan not turning, pumping not pumping water and thus my car over-heated.

Today, both my handphones got STOLEN by some stupid dirty old man wearing RayBan. Sigh!!! 2 handphones.. I think he must be grinning his way out of my shop...

My salesgirl was on leave today so I had to work. Surprisingly, there were alot of customers today . As I was serving an Indian family, I noticed a dirty old chinese man walking into the shop. After awhile, another girl customer approached me asking for the price of an item. As I was still with the other family, I told her to hold on.

After the Indian family left, I turned to serve my other customers. The dirty old chinese man was looking at the t-shirt display. The reason why I call him dirty old chinese man is because he look like a "ham sap" fellow. He was wearing sunglasses, inside a shop *who on earth wears sunglasses in doors???* and he keep looking at me in a weird way. For the reason stated above, I decided to serve the other girl customer who was fussy and kept bargaining with me. As I was with her, I realise the dirty old man left the shop and I though to myself "maybe he is angry I did not serve him" and kept hoping that he will come back. Little did I know that if he were to show his face in my shop again, he will be hurt, seriously hurt.. Anyway, after awhile the girl left claiming that it was to expensive.

About an hour later, I realised my handphone was gone. GONE!!!!!! I turned my bags upside down, ran here and there checking but *sob*sob* my handphones are gone. So I ran down, borrowed a handphone, tried to call but not surprisingly could not get through, ran to the security office, reported, ran up to check my shop again, ran back down to scan through the CCTVs recording *1st time for me. Quite cool, sitting in a security office, trying to identify the criminals* and finally managed to identify a grainy picture of the dirty old man and the girl, whom I realise might be in cohorts with the dirty old man. Why didn't she find a better looking partner??

Anyway, trying to get my replacement Sim cards and putting my life back into order. All my data, info, contact numbers are gone. Now, I need to try and see if I can survive without technology :)

Oh in case you are wondering, 1 handphone is an 2-year old Sony Ericson and the other a 2-months old Nokia *sob*sob*. Both given by my Rockstar *sob*sob*sob*sob..

Just praying for a miracle...

Best part of my week? Having ice-cream with Rockstar. I love ice-cream!

Went to get some and found out Nestle Drumstick is having a Ice-Cream SMS contest. Its super simple! Just buy any drumsticks, look for a minisleeve and if you do find one, just SMS to enter. Rockstar and I bought 1 each, found 2 minisleeve and SMS-ed to participate. *crossing our fingers and hoping that we will win*. Oh yeah, to excited forgot to mention the prize. 8D 6N to Egypt!! Woohoo!!! And 3 Ipads.. And not only that, the prizes are given out weekly. Fantastic!!!  Click this for more info..

This is not an advertisement OK. Nestle is not paying me. I just found out about the contest today and its easy. No need to fill in any slogans or write anything. OH wait.. Why am I sharing this with you? Forget about what I said, no contest, don't eat any ice-cream k.. Hehe.. Give me better chances of winning *muahahaha*

Ok, I'm tired, its been a long weekend and my brain are turning to mush..

Night people!!

p.s. will upload the photo of the dirty old chinese man once I get it

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