August 29, 2010

customers I met today..

This is for all those who are in sales or retail line or anything that requires face-to-face with customers, ... you'll know how it feels...

I enjoy being in retailing. I enjoy the fact that every day is different and I get to meet many different people. But occasionally, I meet customers that...hmmm... makes me wanna scream at them or just throw stuff at them...

Just now there was a customer who came in with her daughter. She was quiet at first but after walking the whole length of store, she approached me and demanded my opinion on a particular politician who is supposedly a Christian but according to her, have not been very Christian-like in his speeches and conduct. After given her my thoughts, which she argued back, I told her very nicely to go ask the politician himself. At that, she told me very righteously, " I only wanted your opinion".

There were some customers who came in and proceeded to touch every-single-piece-of-item in the shop. Well, there was this particular customer, a guy... who came scratch all my wooden plaques and frames with his fingernails.. *arrgghh* feel like smacking his fingers with a ruler *naughty naughty* . And they were some customers *mostly ladies* who came and as they walk around the shop, decided to amuse all of us with they cries of  "Wah!!! So nice" "Aiyoh, hou leng woh" " This is nice" "That is nice" to every single piece of item in the shop..and then they left without buying a single thing.. waste my time only..

Oh, there was another customer, who came in with his whole family. He is the father, mind you. He had the nerve to go behind my counter and read off the computer screen... How rude off him!!!

Another family brought in their army of screaming-running-around-hyper-active-sticky-fingers kids.. And there was a maid trying to run after the kids *I pity her* and not forgetting the mum's bellowing at the top of her voice " STOP TOUCHING, NICHOLAS!!!!" "STOP RUNNING AROUND!!!"
*sigh* the wonders of parenting..

The worst was a couple who comes in expecting, demanding, lying.. you name it... any way possible to get a cheaper bargain from me... I heard excuses from "Last time you say you give me 20% discount", " The other shop selling it for only RM170. Why you sell so expensive?", "Why no discount?" to "You don't give me discount, I walk out the shop now"... walk la, who needs you anyway


There was one customer.. oh, I just love this lady... who came in, started pointing and says " I want this, I want this, does this comes in boxes? Yes? OK, pack for me. I want this, this and this too". Isn't she the bestest?

And there was this really really super cute customer. The minute he came in, I couldn't stop smiling, and I started acting all crazy and funny again....

.............Oh, wait.. did I forget to mention that he was wearing some kind of shirt with frogs all over and he had on froggy green socks with tiny frog feet and froggy eyes attached to it... Soooo cute :p And he just kept staring at me with his big innocent eyes.. 

Don't you just love babies..

Talking about babies.. everyone say hi to baby Lucie..

She sooo cute...

Ok, back to topic...  where was I? ....
...... customers...  they are the most important aspect in a business... like them, hate them... just got to be nice to them..

After all, without them, I won't not be able to do business.. and like what the famous saying says "Customers are King.."
I just need to keep reminding myself... be nice, Esther.. be nice...

anyway, this is all in a day's work.. peace :p

p.s. if you are wondering about the lack of pictures lately, its cos my SD card got corrupted or something so I cannot take any pictures.. planning to buy a new one.. just waiting for some moolahs...

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