August 22, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half

I’ve read a number of girls’ blogged about “What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half” and to me it seems a little cheesy. I meant come on la… if going the distance for my other half means cooking a meal for him or telling him I love you or surprising him with presents and stuff, or even flying to see him and all, kissing him, being with him... What happen to real sacrifices? Going the distance means so much more then the physical thing that you do or the material things that you give to your other half.

To me, going the distance means…

Saying sorry even if I am not wrong

Keeping quiet even if his driving sucks

Giving in after a fight

Accepting his bad habits

Staying in when he don’t feel like going out even if I so badly wanted to go out

Watch all his gory movies with him and squirm through it

Not complaining about “mamak” dates

Forgiving him even if he made a mistake

Or many mistakes

Keeping quiet went he is in one of his sour mood

Or when he forgets about me whenever his starts thinking about work

Or when he sorts of zonk out and doesn't listen to what I say

Not nagging him even if I cannot understand why he keeps wearing his holey socks

Or how super untidy his cupboardis.. and also his room

Giving up my dreams just so that he can go for his

Being proud of him even if he is not the champion

Being there for him whenever he needs me even if I got tons of things to do and am super duper tired

Staying up late to fit his lifestyle even if I’m a morning person

Knowing went to give in even if I don’t feel like it

Accepting that guys do have mood swings and they do get cranky sometimes..

Not expecting him to become un-cranky whenever I’m around

Hanging out with him and his friends even if I think that they talk a lot of nonsense

Accepting the fact that guys will always be guys..

And it is normal for them to check girls out

Or flirt with other girls…

As long as he remains faithful to me

Trusting him even when I don’t feel like it

Not saying anything even if it kills me

Accepting him for all his stubbornness and ego-ness..

And the list goes on and on..

Loving someone and going the distance for someone is not a bed of roses. It’s not just being happy, with pink hearts and cotton candies. Being in a relationship, you need to learn how to give and take. And to me, going the distance means that there have to be sacrifices. Lots of them.

Loving someone needs courage, willingness and sacrifices...

….and that what’s going the distance means to me..

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