August 14, 2010

Life of a businesswoman

Haha.. Businesswoman??! More like "kuli"..

Phewww... It's been a really busy week.. And its times like this that makes me enjoy my life even more :p

You see, I'm not a type of person that likes to be confine to one space or to sit down in an office and face the computer everyday. I'll go crazy..

So how its in like in business?

Some days, I get up at 6am, after only 4 hours of sleep. Drive my brother to school, crawl through morning traffic jams, head home for another 2 hours of sleep, up again at 10am. Open my emails, check them, run downstairs for a quick bit, and its back to the computer again for another few hours.

Some days, I wake up at 9am, rush to see suppliers and customers from subang, all the way to KL, from central KL to north and south, and then to Cheras, back to PJ again, for a few more drops before heading to Rockstar place at 7pm.

Some days, I wake up at 8.30pm, do a few sit ups, send a few mails, drive to my shop, check on the sales people, pick my sister up from school, head back home, do some inventory management, dinner at home with my family, back to inventory again till 1am.

And there are some days that I just wake up, head down for a leisure 1-hour breakfast with my parents, climb up the stairs to my room, still in my PJs, park myself in front of the computer, surf the Internet a little, try to get some work done, head down again for another 1 hour of lunch. Back to the store for some stock management. Head to the kitchen for some tea time snacks. And then its movie time with Rockstar.

Not like it was being in corporate. I didn't like being confined to one place from 9-5pm besides. For some of my ex-colleagues, lunch break was an escape from prison. There was no allowance of creativity, flexibility and ownership.

Now, I determine my own time, when and where I want to work. I do not need to report to anyone and I plan my own schedule. I allow myself the liberty to enjoy my life. Tell me which boss would allow you to go on a 2 weeks paid holiday? Or for you to start work at 11am, stop for lunch at 12pm, start work at 2 pm till 5pm?

It does not matter if I work 20 hours a day. Or stress myself out trying to accomplish some many things with so little time. And at the end of the day, I fall into bed feeling satisfied that I have accomplished things in life. It's that feeling that keeps me going and just enjoying my life.

That's the fun part and the best part about being a business woman....*cough* kuli..

A week has gone in a blink of an eye. I still feel like I'm in a daze.. Everything around me is passing by like a train.. No time to stop and catch my breath..

Have you ever felt like that?

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