August 15, 2010

Fake reunions

I dislike reunions. To me reunions are just a time for successful people to show off how much money they make or how many cars they have. Whenever there is a reunion, the 3 B’s will be there. 3 B’s = bragging + blings + bullshits.

Ok, I admit. I used to love reunions. That’s where I can show off how successful I have become or how much money I have been earning. But I realize that life is not just about that. Being successful is not just about money or status or assets. Maybe it’s because I have no money to show off matured.

I had 2 reunions recently. One was with my ex-house class mates from university and another was with my ex-colleagues.

My 1st reunion was in a very pretentious place recommended by one of my mates. When I arrived, I found out that she have ordered a bottle of wine. Wine? At a reunion? Ok, I must admit the food *which she ordered* was good. But throughout the whole reunion, I just keep to the edge of my seat. There was the usual what, where, how you are doing things but besides that, it was more one-sided of how much she earns, places she travel, her gadgets * Ipad strategically on the table* and how we lowly mortals made a mistake of not joining her. Ok, I am exaggerating a little ;) But I could not get comfortable. It surprising since I stayed with this people for 3 years in the same apartment, in the same class and in the same coursework group. It felt more like a performance where we humble beings sit and stare in awe of her and she is up there lording over us. And to me, it’s just so fake. Staying in Bangkok for RM600 per night? Getting paid USD3.5K a month just to sell a product? I kept very quiet throughout the whole dinner. Silently thinking and feeling sad for her. And they said I have changed.

I like my 2nd reunion much more. It felt more like a group of friends catching up, moaning about terrible bosses, complaining about peanuts salary, who is dating who, who is getting married and all that. It was more real, more comfortable. I don’t remembered any bragging or showing off *unless I was the one doing it* from any of us. The food was good, the atmosphere was unpretentious, and it was fun.

Have I changed?

Definitely. I believe that I have change for the better. Life is not all about the money, or the assets that we have *car is a liability*, or the places that we visit. Life is about being happy and doing the things that we love. Life is waking up every day and being excited about it. Life is being with your love ones and caring for them. Life is about making a difference in people’s life. And at the end, it’s what you are remembered for.

Some people have not understood that yet. They cannot grasp the meaning of it. And they look down on people who do.

What part can you not understand when I say that my work is a ministry?

Maybe I should swear of all fake reunions…


mr. hey said...

i have never understood that concept. but i envy those who do, hahah.

Esther Chew said...

haha.. you will.. some day :).. hopefully...