August 17, 2010

The Ladder Theory

It’s funny how girls know whether a guy is boyfriend material or not? Or whether the guys have a chance of going a bit further? Some call it instinct, some call it past experience, and some call it a game.

I, on the other hand, call it… Intuition…

You know there is this theory call the “Ladder Theory”. You can read more about it here .

Anyway, this theory talks about how people of the opposite sex you meet has a rating. And this applies both to guys and girls. The difference about them is that guys only have 1 ladder, where else girls have 2. Before any dirty comments come out, this is a guy’s ladder.

This picture is self-explanatory. Mind you, this is an example of a typical guy. If you are not a typical guy, I got nothing to say :p

Anyway, lets more to something more interesting. The girl’s ladder.

Now you know why girls are so complicated.

We girls have a tendency to rate guys that we met and know based on 2 category “Friends” and “More then friends”. Now, for those girls who try to deny it, it’s useless. No matter how much we try to avoid this, instinctively we will. We meet guys that bring just a tiny flutter to your stomach, or the way he looks at you gives you tingle down your back. And we met guys that just, sad to say, you knowingly know will remain as friends. Nothing more then that unless God decides otherwise :p

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that on the “More then friends” ladder, there will NOT only be 1 guy. Even for those who are in a relationship, there will be other guys, those that you met before your relationship and those you meet after you are in a relationship, which will be on that ladder.

But… what’s important is that these guys does not climb too high up the “More then friends” ladder. It will be difficult. I meant, who can resists the attraction or the excitement or the thrill of someone new, someone more exciting. But the attraction, the excitement, the thrill, might just die off when someone new comes up. It’s always more exciting when things are new. However, what matters is who is the guy who comes up right at the top of the ladder even after the thrill is gone *or the one who keeps the thrill going on and on* :)

So be careful who you allow to climb up your ladder. Take the risk but not at others expense, or even your own. No use regretting. Don’t give up the best for a “maybe better” someone.

And the same goes for guys… No discriminating us girls ok? It’s harder to keep someone off 1 ladder then 2 ladders we girls have more options. So start worrying about who is climbing up your ladder. Especially if you are in a relationship... *You have been warned!!!*

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