June 5, 2012

Go Yellow Platoon

Its been a crazy but fun few days. Im still here at Pesta 2012, Boys' Brigade Malaysia bi-annual camp. Many late nights, my eye bags have tripled, sweaty humid weather, crazy sakai people :-P

I think i lose weight :-P lots of wAlking, lots of climbing up stairs. oh, there were no water supply after Day 1. That's what happens when 1850 people all bath at the same time. Oh, we had food hunt yesterday and my team of 10 people ate and ate and ate and still had like 10 packets of chicken rice, couple of burgers, shihlin seafood, boxes of spaghetti, mcDs, buckets of KFC, cups of cool blog, n coke n bubble tea n fruit juices and lots more to give out.

We also gave out non-woven bags to create awareness on World Environment Day 2012 by Canon. I managed to capture a picture of this really cute but scared little boy carrying the bag ;-)

Its afternoon and its hot. I'm so sleepy i'm falling asleep typing this. Please forgive me if there grammatical errors.

Signing off now, from a very sleepy kapitan.
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