June 8, 2012

Truly 1 Malaysia

I initially wanted to title this blog post - Eating in Kota Bahru but I realized that its so much more than just eating. Kota Bahru is a quaint place that most have a misconception about. What pops into your mind when Kota Bahru is mention? I am sure it will be somewhere along the line of kampung-ish, beach, Malays and the controversial topic on public separation between male and females. 

Kota Bahru has its own uniqueness. Its has a mix of comboy town charm with noticeable developments all around. Walk through its city center and you'll know what I mean. You'll see old coffee shops with older people sitting having their cup of coffee reminiscing about past escapes. And then you'll see younger people all dressed up in power suits walking quickly on their expensive shoes. You'll see mak ciks haggling prices over a slice of fish. And hip young mothers driving in with their ford rangers. 

In the middle of all that, you'll see peace and unity. Harmony between races and colours that might not be so easily notice elsewhere. Chinese, Indian, Malays sitting side-by-side in a restaurant sharing a meal, working together, enjoying each others company, living side-by-side as neighbours. No discrimination just because you have a different colour skin or that you speak a different language. 

And that's what I love about Kota Bahru. Its time we start thinking and acting like them. After all, we come from the same tanahair - Malaysia. We are Malaysians!

p.s. Pictures are all taken at the well-known Restaurant Sun Too, a family run restaurant that have been passed down from generations. They provide cheap and nice variety of food - western, chinese, coffee shop comfort food & desserts. What spark this post it the uniqueness of this restaurant - you'll have a Chinese lady taking your orders, then you'll notice a Indian guy making your drinks and then a smiling Malay lady serving you delicious nasi dagang. What a sight to see :)

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