June 20, 2012

being patient..

My mum is not the most IT-savvy person in the word. She first learned how to switch on a computer last year and since then have progress slowly.

When my dad got her the new ipad recently; she still have not grasp the concept of internet, web, google, apple and android, and oh, so many other things. And me being at home most of the time, became her source of helpdesk. It gets frustrating sometimes... trying to explain to her how things work... over and over again. 

But yesterday, something hit me...Did she feel the same when I was learning how to walk. or eat, or learn? Its had come one circle.If she could be patient with me for 27 years, why can't I do the same? Its my turn now....

I know just teaching her cannot cover back all the sacrifices she made but its worth trying..

Sorry mum. I'll try to be more patient and understanding from now on wards...

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