June 13, 2012

Short Getaway to Seremban

Last weekend, a friend got married. And since the wedding dinner was in Seremban, a group of us decided to stay overnight for a short gate-away. Even though the time we had there was short, it was fun... and relaxing. Rockstar & I drove down earlier and spend some time checking out Jusco @ Seremban II, and then it was back to the hotel - where I spend some time watching a Bollywood + British movie, took a nap before getting dress for the dinner.

The next morning, we were all too lazy to get up for breakfast and finally managed to pull ourselves out of bed in time to check out and then on towards Seremban Wet Market for some food. Pictures to capture the memories :)

Pasar Besar Seremban


New style for tables?

Need some happiness? Go to Happy Land

Seremban's Murni. Can't beat SS2 Murni... 

Sweet Potato balls

Indian Food - Thali idli *thanks michelle :)

Famous Beef Noodles

Intestine Porridge 

Happy and satisfied faces..

 Popular Cendol Stall outside Pasar Besar Seremban  

Models for Cendol!! 


It was a good trip. Short but fun... Looking forward to the next one :)

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