June 28, 2012

6th Anniversary @ Bosphorus, Pavillion

6 years ago, I made a choice and tonight, Rockstar and I celebrated six years of relationship and partnership. We drove to Kuala Lumpur, and had dinner at Bosphorus. We ate and talked about  all kinds of things, what we wanna do, stuff. We shopped, or at least I did, and spend time with each other.

Bread & Humus. Free. 

Rockstar like the bread, I like the humus. Just like so many things in our relationship. 

Ice Peach Tea. RM7.80

Hot Green Tea. RM5.80

Chicken Mushroom Salad - Mantarli Tavuk Salatasi. RM25.80

I wanted something light as I had a heavy lunch and settled on salad. My original choice - the Grilled Prawn Salad was not available and since the waitress recommended this, I decided to try. I would say, this is the best salad I tasted in my entire life. Even Rockstar, who does NOT eat salad, like it. That says much. Sauteed mushroom and chicken on bed of lettuce with creamy sauce, just the right amount of flavour to blend both the meat and vegetables together. Crunchy, creamy, and delicious. 

Mixed Grill Single - Karisik Izgara. RM78.80

Combination of Adna, Chicken Adna, Lamb Meat Balls, Lamb & Chicken Shish Kebabs, served with french fries, pilaf rice, lettuce, grilled tomato and green chili. Just a single platter was enough to share betwen us both. Rockstar decided that the Chicken Adna was the best among the rest but I choose the Chicken Shish Kebab. All the meat was grilled to perfection and we were satisfied with the choices of meat. 

Traditional Dessrt with Walnut - Baklava. RM18.80

Knowing me, dessert are a weakness. Since its not often we have a Turkish meal, I decided to go for a traditional item by choosing the Baklava. Paper-thin pastry sheets filled with walnut, topped with pistachio, garnished with sugar syrup and served with cream. Just reading it makes my mouth water again. Its one of the most decadent dessert I have ever tasted. The paper-thin pastry sheets was crunchy and the fillings of walnut and pistachio wasn't too sweet. I concluded that I must come back for more. 

We went home with full and satisfied stomach, smiles on our face, memories keep in our hearts, and 2 pairs of shoes - my wedding shoes!!! Another item ticked off my checklist. Thank you Rockstar. I love you more than them. Promise :)

This time next year, I would be married to this man. Can't wait ;)

Bosphorus - Fine Turkish Cuisine
6.33, Level 6,
KL Pavilion Shopping Centre,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL.
Tel : 03-2142 4000

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