June 23, 2012

Diving again @ Perhentian Island

Even since I got my Open Water last year September, I've been telling myself that I need to go for more dives. But the half year mark came, and left - still no dives. Then, the opportunity came for a diving trip back to good ole Perhentian Island. I grab it without much thinking...

Don't ask why I look so short. Blame it on the tanks
...which is not a very good thing to do. I started feeling really scare... seriously scared as I neared my dives time. Come on, its been 8 months since I last dive and those dives were not counted 'cos it was during my lesson. Try driving a car 8 months after you get your licence - with no practices in between. Yup, and do it underwater. See what I mean? Anyway, thanks to 2 great dive buddies who really helped me, I enjoyed myself. 

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My 5th dive (1st-4th was done during my licence) was at the dive site known as 'Temple of the Sea'. It was affectionately named as the shape of the island was like a temple - big at the bottom and small-ish at the top. It was the deepest dive I've gone so far and the most amazing one. The water was so clear. I saw lots of moray eels - both big and small. I saw Box Fishes, which are fishes that are box-like in shape. Hah! Says who fishes are round or oval shape. I saw lots of puffer fish, which are un-puff, and trigger fishes, which are kinda dangerous. I saw bamboo sharks! and Blue-spotted Sting Rays and lots of needle fishes... It was really an amazing time and experience. 

Since my wedding is in 2.5 months time *gasps*, I didn't want to get burn and decided to cover myself up from head neck to toe for the entire trip. But gave up and stripped on the last day 'cos it was SUPER hot!!!

Had a quick but yummy lunch while updating our dive log books. Have you tasted Mars Roti Canai before? Yes, the chocolate bar 'Mars'. Go Perhentian Island and try. Its delicious!!

The next dive was at Sugar Wreck, named after a sugar cargo ship that sank near the coastline. It was my 1st wreck dive!!! Since I passed the morning dive, I was fearless on this, sort off, until I almost hit my head on a overhang covered in encrustations on my way down. Ship wreck are kinda scary as they have many nooks and overhangs and stuff. I kept looking upwards to ensure that I don't accidentally bump my head, or get stuck thinking I'm slim enough to go through the small gap when actually I can't and get stuck, and the more I struggle to free myself, the erm.. stucker I get? *cue horror music* 

Anyway, the currents was stronger here and we had to hold a rope as we descend to ensure that we don't get swept away.  Temperature was at 27 Celsius, very cold for underwater. The water was cloudy so visibility was low. But I did see a whole line of Coral Cat Sharks, schools of barracuda, and quite a number of Scorpion Fish. 

In case anyone is wondering how the water tasted, its salty. I tasted it. All the sugar didn't help one bit :)

Here's my dive buddies (from left to right) - James, Michelle, Robin (our dive master) and me. 

I really enjoyed myself. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait for my next dive... which is maybe next year. Sipadan anyone ?? :)

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