March 18, 2012

bellyful happiness

Its been a super long time since I wrote a happy post. But that's not because I'm not happy but the results of busy work life.. Oh well!

Anyway, here are 10 things that made me happy lately.

1. Rockstar is finally back after being away for 10 long days.
2. Goodies from Korea, courtesy of Rockstar. Chocolates, Sweets and Cookies from Paris Baguette.
3. The smell of freshly made pancakes in the morning. And having them drizzled with honey.
4. Winning RM150 during "All that glitters is not gold" at GTPJ Young Adults Service. Thank you for your blessings, Lord.
5. Having Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak @ Paramount with Rockstar.
6. Playing Draw Something with my siblings. *yeah, I'm a woman of simple pleasure*
7. Having hot chapati with dahl for dinner at MLM training. I like Indian food.
8. Finishing planned work according to schedule on Thursday.
9. Catching up with "SMARTies" over dinner. Its been almost 5 months since we last met and its good to get together again bitch about quarter life crisis :)
10. Spending my Sunday afternoon doing absolutely nothing.... really... absolutely nothing beneficial :) bliss... 

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