March 8, 2012

my sisters, my bridesmaids

When I wanted to ask my sisters to be my bridesmaid, I decided to do something special since they were the ones I needed the most as I plan for my wedding. I do not want to take any of them for granted.

So here's what I did. I wanted to send a 'proper' invitation asking them whether they wanted to be my bridesmaid or not *however it comes with only 1 option - Yes". Instead of using an envelope, I decide to get them a pouch which will hold all the info they need... 

I bought the pouches, printed tiny tags with their initial and hook them on the pouch with chains. Then I design and printed out the info that they will need as bridesmaid with pictures of colour code and samples. 

I stuck them all together with a cheque into the pouch and presented it to them.. And yes, all of them did agree... albeit one very reluctant one :) Appoximate cost : RM70. Happy faces : Priceless. 

And since today is International Women's Day, I just want to shout out to all the women in my life... especially my sisters - they know me at my worst yet still love me : )

Happy International Women's Day!!!!

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