March 5, 2012

All about kids

Rockstar is again out of the country... which leaves me a lot of me time. So far on my list I have - Justice League Doom, Criminal Minds Season 4 & 5, Hawaii Five-0, lots of blog posts and of cos catch up on back dated work and Boys' Brigade SOP's, paperwork and planning. 

Clay Pot Loh Shi Fun. Breakfast with Rockstar before his flight. 

Anyway, my weekend has been pack again... After being so long as Captain, I realized I miss teaching and working with kids on a more personal basis. So this year's plan its to do just that.. I've have started teaching Target Badge class; which is the first thing Recruits need to attend. So this whole year, I will be dealing with 13 years old kids most of the time. So far, I have yet to strangle them or kick them out my class... hopefully it'll stay that way :)

Due to lack of officers, I have also taken up a role as a Squad Officer. Squad 4 is under me. I have 5 boys and 1 girl age ranging from 14 to 16 years old. It's been good so far. I'm trying to change their perspective of seeing me not just as a 'garang' captain but a friend. 

I've also decided to play a bigger role at Kidz@5, Saturday service children ministry. Its really different when I deal with Sunday School children and Boy's Brigade children. Now, I can understand better why our founder, Sir William Alxander Smith, started The Boys' Brigade. But this is a younger bunch from age 4 - 8 years old. 

It's tiring switching from  4 years old kids to 13 years old, then to 17 years old and then to 25 years old and even 45 years old every weak. But I'm relying on God's strength and grace. :)

Here's some backstage pictures with kids form Kidz@5 & Babez@5 during last year Christmas presentation which I have yet to post up. 

Youngsters are constantly on the go. Hard to keep up with them :)


Yong Sofea said...

The breakfast looks so yummy!

Esther Chew said...

haha... yeah, it tasted yummy too :)