March 19, 2012

Boot Camp 2012 @ SSS

Two weekends ago, 10th KL BB had our yearly Boot Camp. Since last year was at Broga Hill, this year's camp was held in-house. Held over a 3 days 2 nights camp at weekend at school, it's main purpose its to oriented the new Recruits and a refresher for the year 1 Privates. 

We had classes to teach them about the rules of saluting and polishing 101. Of cause, not forgetting personal hygiene, tidiness, order and cleanliness. 

This is what the sergeants do to de-stress. 

Waking up with the sun for morning excercise..

Chicken Chop with mushroom gravy + fish fillets + mash potato + potato bun + coleslaw + mushroom soup dinner courtesy of our ever generous canteen lady, Aunty Molly. So not a camp food especially even more when its Boot Camp. *sigh* but she refuses to listen when we tell her we don't want so good food.. 

We had our main event which is Talent Time!! A time where the campers could show their talents. This year's campers perform beyond our expectations. We had so much creativity and some really funny stuff. It was followed by a random skit from the NCOs and then a spontaneous catwalk by the NCOs and officers. Results : Lots of ROLF!!!

On the last night, we decided to have a fire drill... and what we got was 3/4 boys campers burned to death. My gosh!!! We woke them up with a loud whistle blow and lots of shouting. But all we got was a few stranglers  who stumble to the parade ground while the rest was left either sitting zombiely on their sleeping bags or just fallen back to sleep. Oh, but the girls fared better. Only 1 was left behind. All of them made it to the parade ground safely with their boots on and safely laced up. Girls ROCKS!!! We finally got them all up the 2nd time and thankfully, not one of them was 'burned'. 

We also taught them how to do their push-ups properly and to tie their boots laces & haversack the correct way. 

Camp ended with lots of good memories and lesson learned. Its been a great camp with a bunch of potential young people. My prayer is that they will continue to grow and learn to be better brigadiers. 

Final pictures with my NCOs. :)


Eunice said...

thts the first 10thkl pose without me i think =(

Esther Chew said...

OH NO!!! We forgot to take one during Enrollment Day!!!

Eunice said...

Yea i noticed :/ hoooowwwww??!!