March 21, 2012

Baby Sister 15th Birthday

My baby sister who is actually no longer a baby turned 15th a couple of days ago. Oh gosh, I can't believe it. She is really growing up so fast. Yes, I admit, we still treat her like a baby but she has always been a baby to us. She is the youngest in the family. She came very unexpectedly and gave us elder sisters lots of practice in caring for babies. :) Nowadays, all of us have grown-ups with our own life to live and often times we forget that she is still not yet a grown-up. She's still a child but trying so hard to be a grown-up just to fit in the adult world. 

For her birthday, we decided to celebrate at Tappers Cafe @ Jaya 1. They have a very limited lunch set menu but all reasonably priced about RM12-15 with drinks. 

Bangers & Mash 

 Chicken Chop

 Fish & Chip

 Spaghetti Cabonara

The youngest & eldest Chew daughters.

I got her an Angry Bird cake cos it was too cute to resist. I spotted it a couple of weeks back and decided to get it for her birthday. I wanted the red but they only had the blue bird left. But it as a good choice because everybody like it and surprisingly, it tasted really good. RM35 for 0.5kg from a cake shop near Kamdar in SS2. I think its Berry's Cake Shop. 

A super cute baby sitting at the next table and me eldest sister with Angry Bird

Cute right?

Becky, I am really sorry for neglecting you and not spending much time with you. You are growing up way too fast and I before I know it, you might not want to spend time with your ole sista anymore. Please don't grow up so fast and allow your ole sista to catch up. I promise to try harder ok? 

Happy 15th Birthday! Love you lots :)

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