September 22, 2011

Info about Perhentian Island..

When we arrive in Kuala Besut Jetty, we were approach by many trouts on motorcycle hawking their prices on the boat services, snorkeling trips, accommodation, parking fee, etc..etc.. and many other thing you might need... But since we already paid up for everything prior to the trip, we had to turned all of them down..

However, there is this particular guy who kept following us around... and since he was persistent, I decided to 'layan' him... After a while, he pushed this grainy, folded up piece of orange paper and said that if we need anything, to call his office.I thought that the paper was quite comprehensive as it includes the how to's , the prices, the boat rides, map of the Kuala Besut Jetty and especially on the choices of accommodations available on both Pulau Besar & Pulau Kecil, so I've decided to scan it and post it up here... 

Please take note that I am not promoting for this company and am not liable of anything if you wishes to use them... I have no guarantee of the prices they offer. For me, its just for price comparison... I prefer to plan my trips by myself... and I do plan most of my trips by myself...except China cause I no understand them :)

So check it out, and enjoy your trip!! :)

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