September 26, 2011

Cookies, Kids and M&Ms

Some days, sky like this makes the day just seem better... and definitely much hotter :)

Taken towards the Jalan Duta exit white driving to Boys' Brigade last Saturday. 

Last Saturday, I decided to do something different with my Pre-Juniors (Years 7 & 8). Instead of the usual badgework class, I decided to teach them BAKING!!!... the easy way.. haha... I got the cookie mixture of the supermarket shelves, melted some butter and they are good to go. First up, they poured the mixture into a mixing bowl, cracked an egg in it and added in the melted butter. Once that its done, they started forming the cookies... We added in M&Ms to made it more colourful... However, instead of the normal 8 kids, only 2 turned up, which made my life easier *pheww* and they were joined an over sized kid :)

Overall, the cookies were tad too hard... I failed :( The oven that we used wasn't the normal oven and the temperature I set was too high. So some parts were burned. But it was good fun and the cookies were crunchy!!! Baking with pre-juniors is fun but difficult. Thank God there were only 2 off them :) 

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