September 22, 2011

Restoran Zhen Kee @ Mentakab

On our drive to Terengganu, we decided to stopped by Mentakab for the delicious turtle soup.. *cruel right?* I know. I kept complaining to my parents about eating it but well, they don't wanna listen to me... Anyway, we drove around for quite sometime but couldn't remember where the restaurant was located *yay!!!* I hope they close down... It was already late and finally we decided to have our dinner somewhere else. Driving around, we spied a brightly lighted shop along a row of dark shop lots. And since there was quite a crowd, it must be good. So we decided on it... 

 Chinese Tea. To keep me awake while driving

 Claypot Taufu. *Comfort Dish* RM11

 Beef something something. RM12

Foo Yong Egg. RM10.

 Steam Fish. RM35

Free Jelly & Watermelon. 

Service was not so good. Maybe cause there was a big crowd and they couldn't cope. We had to wait for a good 30mins before the food arrived. However, food was delicious. There is nothing better than good hot Chinese food when you are hungry. We cleaned up the plates. Even my brother, who is a fussy eater, enjoyed himself. 

Enough said. If we are ever in Mentakab again, we'll sure drop by for a visit *that's if I can convince my parents not to look for turtle soup*

Restoran Zhen Kee
N0. 104, Jalan Temerloh,
28400 Mentakab,
016 - 2983186

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