September 7, 2011

Sri Siam Restaurant @ SS2

In celebration of her birthday, Rockstar's mum decided she wanted some Thai food and decided on Sri Siam, located in SS2. Parking was easy as it was located in a quiet part in SS2, just opposite the RHB Bank row of shop lots and behind The Lobsterman. 

It was a Sunday night and things were looking pretty busy. Luckily we didn't have to wait long before we got a table. We took some time deciding what to eat as there were so many choices. Service was also a little slow, maybe due to the fact that it was a Sunday night and the place was almost full. We had to wait for some time before our food arrived. Here's our order..

Green Curry Beef. Portion was too small and there was not enough beef to go around..  

 Fried Sotong. This is like the best dish ever. Deep fried crispy crunchy tentacles... Super yummy!!!

Pandan Chicken. Chicken was tasty but a little too hard.

Fish Cake. It had a unique taste but was too dry for me..  

 Sweet & Sour Fish. Fish slices was fresh and soft enough. The sauce was just nice, not too sour.  

Mango Salad. I like :)

The bill came up to RM107 for 5 person, including tea and rice for everyone. For the number of dishes that we had, and we all left feeling full and satisfied... it was worth it for me *but I didn't paid for it :)*... Not the best tasting Thai food around but will go back again if I have cravings for simple, home-cooked Thai food... 

Restoran Sri Siam
No. 56, SS 2/24, 
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03- 7875 3076

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