September 18, 2011

Ah Ma turned 82 years old

Just about a week ago, my Ah Ma turned 82 years old. And the family met up to celebrate her long life. My Ah Ma is one tough lady. She raised... erm I think its 7 children.. through World War 2, outlive her husband almost 20 years... and I still remember when I was much much younger, she was always so full of energy, doing housework, running up and down, just being so full of life even at her old age.. All that took a turn when she had a fall and was paralyzed.. Many years later, wheelchair ridden, she still living... getting stronger and stronger each day... always smiling and happy to see us...

A celebration is always not short on food .. and as usual, my aunts outdid themselves again... We had so much food leftovers that we all had to tapau so much food that lasted us a few days.. 

Mushroom Bruschettas

Chicken Pie 

Some tuna mix in tomatoes 

Olive Rice 

Chicken Sambal thingie

Mantou (to be eaten with sambal thingie shown above)

Pumpkin Kueh

...and... the must have 'red birthday eggs'.. 

And for dessert, we had some more good yummy sinful calories-breaker food..

Bubur Cacar. It had so many stuff inside... got flower jelly, heart shape jelly, frog eggs thingie...etc..etc.. 

Apple Crumble topped with Raspberry Ice Cream 

Mooncake Mochi kinda thing

Next up, after all the gluttony was the cake-cutting ceremony.. My aunt lives by her home made cakes.. So for my Ah Ma's birthday, she got a home made cake.. And since I got no pics of me with my Ah Ma, here's one of my twinnie with her *just pretend its me k*. We gave her ang pows *like good grand children does* and sang her the birthday song.. 

And just to show you how small my aunt's apartment is, here's a picture of us squeezing together, sitting on the floor, side by side..

And  ugly pictures of my sisters... Its not my fault they make ugly faces in my camera... :)

Blessed Birthday Ah Ma! May God grant you peace and happiness all the rest of your life.. 

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