September 4, 2011

Camera Bags Monday

It's Monday and I'm having Monday blues :( an after effect from the long break...

Anyway, I've chance upon this new blog, Vera Lana, who takes really cute pictures of babies *awww* and kids... I admire that cause I totally suck at taking pictures of humans... Anyway, I read one of her blog post about camera bags... and OMG!!!!  There are so many amazing bags... I'm like going "I want that! I want that! I so totally need that!"...

It's so hard to get a feminine-girly, don't look like a camera bag, yet can fit all the girly-stuff camera bag in Malaysia... and as I travel quite a bit and carry my camera daily everywhere I go... I have yet to find a suitable one...Most of the time, I just squash my camera into my handbag which its really not good.. 

Anyway, here are my top picks... 

Epiphanie Bags 
This is like my ultimate bag. I can fit both my laptop and camera in one bag especially whenever I travel.. And it looks more fashionable then my normal backpack.:) However, I cannot decide between [paris] or [clover]. I like [paris] design way better but in terms of practicality, I think [clover] would be better choice.. *cause its flap-less*

But then... even though [paris] has a 50% discount... it out of my budget :( each bag cost RM550 and with 50% its RM275 *sigh* and shipping is not included.. 

[paris] in purple

[paris] in black with pink lining

[clover] in red

[clover] in black with pink lining

* pictures courtesy of Epiphanie Bags

Porteen Gear

I get to design my own bag!!! And I get to be as unique as I want.. There are so many to fabric and designs and colours to choose from... Gosh!! I like the medium size bag better but the large has an advantage of being able to fit my laptop.. Cost of medium-sized bag : RM382 (shipping not included)

Here are some of my favourite...


Black Squares
Red Leather

* pictures courtesy of Porteen Gear

Lowepro Passport Sling Camera Bag
When I first saw it, I thought that it's perfect for my travelling and everyday use. Its practical, its flexible and I could even extend it if I need too.. However, my only con about it is its colour and design :) not so fashionable and feminine looking... But price wise, its the best. Only about RM140 for the black colour from I could see myself using this...

 *picture courtesy of

So, which do you think its the best?


Lydia said...

Get a camera carrier insert instead :) That way, u can still keep all your bags...

Lydia said...

Esther Chew said...

nice.... but how to get one? I don't think my sewing qualifies to produce one of this.. :)