August 19, 2011

Wedding Dinner @ Nobel House

Once we pass the age of 20s, one thing we cannot escape it wedding invitations. Almost every month, an invitation will drop in requesting our attendance on their big day. Just recently, I  attended a University classmate's wedding in Nobel House... 

We actually went to the wrong restaurant. We arrived at Nobel Banquet and as we parked our car and started walking to towards the building, we met some friends walking back who told us that we were at the wrong place. Luckily, the car park guy gave us back our RM5. Nobel House is located just further up the road and around a corner. Beats me why are there 2 restaurants with similar names located near each other.. 

My friend seem to have a flair for all things uncommon ... based on her wedding photos and this huge balloon structure and her bright blue and hot pink gown.. 

The dinner was located upstairs in one of the bigger room. Yes, we arrive late and the room was almost filled. 

As most Chinese weddings held in a Chinese restaurant, the only decorated place is the reception area and the stage. 

And as most Chinese wedding dinner, the long wait before dinner starts is inevitable. I took the opportunity to camwhore take photos and to catch up with old friends 

I like my dress. The hundreds of sequin hung in front cast shining spots *like a disco ball* everywhere.. even my face :)

When I realized that we were served shark's fin soup, I refused to touch it. It's wrong.. But my friends convinced me to take it as if I don't, it also be thrown away. So I reluctantly took it, but didn't enjoy myself 'cos every bite I took, I was thinking of all the poor sharks... To add to that, there were so many huge pieces of shark fins... I don't care how expensive it is or how it will make your wedding look, please don't serve shark fins soup anymore. Only backward people still serves shark fin... 

Four Variety Seafood Platter. Double- Broiled Superior Shark's Fin Soup with Bamboo Pith. 

Smoked Farm Chicken. Poached Live Tiger Prawns in Basket.

The chicken was slightly salty for my taste. The tiger prawns was small. *I thought tiger prawns are suppose to be big, with a name like tiger?* And it was covered with wasabi dressing... I don't like wasabi :(

There was actually a Ying Yang Star Garoupa but I was too busy eating and watching the entertainment on stage that I forgot to take a picture of it. 

Braised Lingzhi Mushroom with Beancurd Skin & Vegetables. Steamed Glutinous Rice Hong Kong Style. 

Chilled Snow Pear with Sea-Coconut. Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Sesame Seed & Chinese Pancake. 

Weddings are always a good time catching up with old friends. And it was the usual, how are you?, what are you working as now? when are you getting married? stuff... I had fun eating, drinking and chatting with old friends and making new acquaintances.. 

Here's our table with the bride & groom.. 
The couple siting on the left are already engaged and will be getting married soon. As for the couple of the right, I expect to hear wedding bells soon too..Gosh! More weddings to attend... 

And here's the 3 zhi muis.. missing 2 more who couldn't make it for the wedding. We were house mates, class mates, assignment project mates, swimming mates, movie mates...and so many more. Its funny how we live and share so many things together for 3 years but after graduation, we barely have time for each other... Oh, the misery of working life... 

Clockwise : Crystal, me, Chiew Mun, Marie & Lydia

Classmates. Class of L2T7, May 2007. + 2 extra partners. 

Congratulations, Edwin & Bridget! May you live happily ever after... 

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