August 23, 2011

Ramadhan Buffet @ Fuzion, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Have you seen this poster? Its all over Sunway and media and erm... internet... and blogs... 

It's me twinnie!!!  

Now, she is known as the Mooncake Girl :)

So, in gratitude for her hard back-aching work, she was could bring her family for a free Ramadhan buffet dinner @ Fuzion, the newest restaurant in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa :)

And since its so hard to explain everything.. I'll just let the pictures do the talking..

 I think I gained a few extra kgs :( But I'm still praying that Lydia will get more modelling shoots... which will mean more free buffets for me.. Yay!! :) And another thing, go buy Shuang Wei Mooncakes k... Click pictures below for more details..

*picture from The Younger Twin Girl

Thank You, dia :)

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