August 30, 2011

I miss my bed...

I'm BACK!!!! It's such a good trip... I'm still unpacking but just a quick post..

1. I left with 10kg and came back with almost 25kg.
2. I thought I gain like 3 kgs but the weighing machine just told me that I did not. YAY!!!
3. BB Philippines is just so amazing!
4. I just wish that we have that same passion and spirit here in 10th Kuala Lumpur Coy.
5.  I missed the cool weather and strong wind in Tagaytay, Manila.
6. My eye bags seem to be permanent feature on my face.
7. I stayed up the whole last night watching a free movie and 2 TV movies in Changi Airport .
8. I've only been away for 4 days but it seem so long ago..
9. I miss my bed!!!!

Will blog more after I've transferred the pictures from my camera.. :)

Just wanna say Thank You to Francis from BB Asia, for the opportunity and trip..

And of cos, a very big THANK YOU to BB Philippines for inviting me and for the wonderful hospitality :)

Oh, 1 more thing just to show that I am a proud Malaysian, and even though I almost forgot after being away the last couple of days.. and had to double confirm with the KLIA airport staff when I touchdown, I must wish all Malaysians *not just the Malays* a Selamat Hari Raya!!!.... and Happy Hari Merdeka!!!!

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