August 20, 2011

Steamboat Buffet @ Gohtong Jaya

A week ago, Rockstar and I decided to be adventurous. We drove up to Gohtong Jaya for steamboat :) It was raining but the journey only took us less than 45 minutes from PJ. But the skies were clear enough to spot Genting Highlands as we travel towards it..

Arriving in Gohtong Jaya. There was only 1 restaurant offering steamboat buffet there. Gosh.. How can?  Gohtong Jaya have the perfect weather to enjoy hot steamboat..

The restaurant it called 66 Corner, located beside a Korean Restaurant. However, most of the patrons there ordered noodles (this place offers a wide selection of noodle). There was also chicken rice, siew york fan, char siew fan and chee cheong fun available. We were the only having steamboat. I think most of them were just grabbing a quick bite before going up to Genting.

Rockstar Ice Chinese Tea and my Longan + Sea Coconut Herbal Tea, which is really good but it cost me RM4 per cup and I had 2 cups -_-

There wasn't much variety of food. They had the usual meat balls, fish balls, vegetable balls, tauhu, sotong, mussels, chicken, some other seafood and meat, eggs and only yellow mee.

Maybe its the lack of oxygen at higher altitude but our soup took super long to boil.. But it finally did.. 

But nonetheless, having hot boiling steamboat + cool weather is fantastic... As it is a buffet, we had so many helpings. I think the cool weather made food more appetizing..

And since some friends commented that Rockstar's face never appeared on my blog and they don't know how he looks like, here's a picture of him...shiok face cos get to enjoy himself but tak puas hati cos the soup took so long to cook.. hehe

Total cost :

Steamboat buffet - RM21.50 per person
Snack + Drink (for journey) - RM5+
Toll - RM5 * 2 (Genting Higway) + RM1.60 * 2 (LDP)
Petrol - erm... abit la..

Anyway, thought the price is slightly higher than PJ, the weather made up for it... And though you might be thinking "drive all the way there just for steamboat is crazy".. well, what is life without some adventure and short road trips.. :) and the plus point is that we got to spend some time together on the drive there and back...

Oh,we found out halfway up that it was the night of the Hungry Ghost Festival. *eekkk* but we said a prayer and drove really carefully...

Thank God for a safe and satisfying trip...

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