August 2, 2011

Trip up Mt. Dandenong (Part 2)

I know.. I know... I made promises which I never seem to fulfill catch up with..

4 months ago, I blogged about my trip to Mt. Dandenong... which was already 2 months late :p. And now, I'm going to continue where I left off which is basically half a year ago.... Time really flies... Well, its better to be late then never right? :)

Anyway, to continue off where I stopped... We were at Olinda's Village, walking around their quaint little shops and taking lots of photos. 

We decided to visit one of the many gardens @ Mt. Dandenong. We drove down the Olinda-Monbulk Road and stopped at the Cloudhill Nursery & Gardens. As we walked in, we could hear music playing and all of us shouted at the same time, "Wedding!!!". We quickly paid our entrance fee, which the kind lady at the counter gave us a discounted family package rate, and rushed it. It was funny. The garden is so big and we keep running between bushes and pathways.. its like a maze-thingie.... and finally arrived at the wedding scene. Don't worry, we did not crashed in... Such a beautiful bride :)

We walked around and took lots of pictures... really, really a lot. Here are some of them... Lots of flowers. After all, its a garden :) How I wish we have flowers like this in Malaysia. If you haven't notice, I like taking pictures of flowers.. Its just my thing... So please bear with me k?

Leaving Cloudehill Nursery & Garden, we continue down and stopped by this mystery-looking-but-with-great-potential-for-photo-session side road... Hidden among the foliage, there was a house and the owner invited us to take pictures. He was a friendly guy. He told us that he had to leave the place by end of the month as he couldn't afford the mortgage, how sad he was to leave the place and stuff like that. I can see how hard it is to leave such a beautiful place. I feel so sorry for him. But we were very quick to leave as my other friends were worried that he (the owner) might be a serial killer or something, and slowly kill us one by one. Pfff.... Such imagination..

As it was getting late, we turned around and headed up towards Mt. Dandenong Village. Its similar to the other villages... quaint and quiet... 

And finally, we arrived at SkyHigh Lookout, for the supposedly famous sunset and view of Melbourne. Upon reaching, I saw that they have a restaurant with an amazing view. Just below the restaurant, there is this really nice grassy area where you can hangout and enjoy the view... I even saw a couple bringing their own blanket and picnic basket.. I wish we had thought of that. There are a number of gardens that have pretty flowers and we took more pictures again. 

As we were too early for the sunset, we decided to look for dinner first. It was late in the evening and most of the restaurants and cafes were already close. However, we were lucky to spot this tiny cafe still open with delicious smell drifting from it. Upon entering, the smell of fried fish and sizzling oil told us, or me at least, that we have found the right place. Olinda Fish Cafe! smack right in the middle of Olinda Village. Yummy fish!! See, it was so delicious that I forgot to take any pictures of it :( After dinner, we headed back up to SkyHigh for the sunset... and my, oh, my... its what people say it is... Its so beautiful and amazing and wow! What a awesome God we have... 

There was this little girl who was just so adorable and friendly and cheerful...and she kept laughing and giggling and running around... It was really fun playing with her... 

But all good times will come to and end. As the sun slowly make its way down, we headed back to our car for a long ride home. Goodbye, Mt. Dandenong for the fun time and good memories.. 

* I would like to credit the photos with my face inside and the photo of the small girl to Jon, a friend who takes really nice pictures with his 'old camera'. He is the guy lying on the grass in one of the picture above and also the one with the stupid upside-down-butt pose. I stole it from his Facebook :)
* All the other pictures are taken by me. If you would like to use any of them, please credit and link it back to me. Thanks.. 

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