August 1, 2011

Great Oil Stick Cafe

I like Yau Char Kway… and the crispier it is, the better. I'll order porridge just for the yau char kway and whenever I go for Bak Kut Teh, I'll make sure I order a double portion of the oily cripsy yau char kway. When I found that there is a new cafe called the "Great Oil Stick" just few minutes away from my house, I was so excited to try it... and I finally did. 

One of the most common way of eating Yau Char Kway is with porridge. We ordered the porridge, which came in a sizable bowl and tasted great; thick and tasty.

Add that with Yau Char Kway, delicious-ness shot up 100%. Yummy!!! I had to keep fighting off my siblings for my share of Yau Char Kway. See, even my dad agrees...

Chicken Porridge + Original Oil Stick RM4 (Set Meal)
The Yau Char Kway covered with rice dough was a bit dry and cold but have a unique twist to it. I will need some time getting use to this. 

Fried Dough Sticks with Rice Rolls RM 4

The Dry Curry Mee came with a hint of spicy-ness and little surprises in every bite.... tiny bits of Yau Char Kway.

Dry Curry Mee + Soft Drink RM9.50

Fried Oil Stick is similar to Fried Lobak. Very nicely done with the right amount of eggs and bean sprouts... and thats good coming from a person that dislike bean sprouts :)

Fried Oil Stick RM5
As we were enjoying our meal, my sister suddenly pointed at the plate. Cool huh? And I guarantee that it was un-intentional. We did not form it or draw it, it just appeared..

Anyway, they have a wide variety in their menus. Any way imaginable to take your Yau Char Kway is provided here... I am amazed by their creativity and imagination. There have stuff such as Strawberries with Yau Char Kway, Peanut Oil Stick, BBQ Chicken Paste with Black Pepper Sauce + Oil Stick, Sambal Ikan Bilis + Oil Stick.. just to name a few... They have lots of different types of tong suis/ desserts. They even have set meals which comes in different variety to suit individual needs..  And all are reasonably priced.. 

All in all, it was a god meal... I will definitely be back for more :)

As we were leaving the place and as I stopped to take a picture of the cafe front... My dad struck a couple of poses for me. Here's one of them...

Can model right??
The Great Oil Stick is located just down the road from the Bukit Rahman Putra morning market. Hard to miss with its big bright yellow sign board.

..and another... 

However, it is located halfway below road level so if you are coming from the morning market direction, park just along the road and take the steps down. 

Steps up and down... 

They are open in few other locations as well. I think one of them is in Subang USJ. Check out their blog. I can't give you much info as it is written in chinese. Yeah, I know, I'm a lousy chinese.

Great Oil Stick
Jalan BRP 6/13,
Bukit Rahamn Putra,
47000 Sungai Buloh,

Some monkeys playing by the road  on the way home...


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