September 2, 2010

Woes of being a Malaysian Driver

I got a splitting headache..

Try waking up at 6am, driving 40km to Cheras, beating morning traffic and then another 40km with the usual, crazy-honking-swearing-cutting lanes morning traffic, arriving back home just in time to catch another 1 1/2 hour of sleep before heading of to work. And then driving to work, getting caught in a bad jam cos some stupid Malaysian drivers were just too busy-body-trying-to-see-if-there-were-any-bodies-lying-on-the-roadside-beside-the-wrecked-cars, and being late for work.

Just enough to feel like shit terrible today...

Since the 43rd National Day have just passed, let me talk about the what it feels like being a Malaysian. Don't get me wrong, I love being a Malaysian. And I have been to many other countries and have been in many different traffic jams. But lets just say, Malaysian drivers are a unique bunch of people. 

So here's a post dedicated to all Malaysian drivers, especially those who feel the same as I do..

Woes of being a Malaysian Driver

Woe # 1 :  "My car is not a rubbish bin"
So does that mean we can throw rubbish out the window? We just can't wait till Malaysia turns into a big, huge rubbish dump, right? Quoting someone I know who throws rubbish out his window "I don't want to dirty my car" *eyes roll* So we can dirty our country la?

Woe # 2 : Signal? What's that? Oh, that blink blink thing?
Have you ever feel like throwing something at the other car who did not signal? You waited patiently for them to pass by before turning in a junction and then mana-tau, they turn into the junction. And you waited for no reasons. Or the time when a car cut in front of you without signalling? Or when you are at a roundabout, and just as you were about to turn, the car besides you shots in front , barely missing your front bumper? Signal la.. You'll just need your fingers..

Woe # 3 : I'm a F1 driver
I know there are many who aspire to become an F1 driver. And they feel a great need to show us their driving skills by displaying them via how expertly they cut queue or lanes and how fast they can drive? Please, we are so NOT IMPRESS. Take it to the tracks please if you still have a burning desire to show off. 

Woe # 4 : This is my grandfather's road
Oh, how many of you feel that way? You take your own sweet time, cruising along the road, stopping whenever you like, slowing down just cos you feel like it; not considering others who knows that the road is not their grandfather's road. If you want to drive slow and hog the road, please go to the side or you can even consider not driving out of your own housing area.

Woe # 5 :  I am superwoman
Yes, we know for fact that woman can multi-task. And that goes for some men too. But please keep that talent of the road. I'm guilty of that too. I can eat, drink, sms, talk, write down stuff, listen to music, put make-up on, comb my hair, all at the same time. Erm... almost all la..

Woe # 6 : I am an extremely "careful" person
Scared of driving? Staying far away from other cars in case you hit them? Driving 40km/h? Especially during traffic jams, you like to keep far far away. Keeping your hands clung to the steering wheel? With seat upright and so close to the steering wheel because you want to be alert and ready. To people who are like this, only 1 word of advise for you , GET OFF THE ROAD!!!!

Woe # 7 : I'm such a "caring" person
Whenever I see people slowing down, I slow down and look. When I see got people standing by the roadside, I slow down and look. When I see got some cars by the roadside, I slow down and look. When I see got chicken by the roadside, I also slow down and look. You are not caring, you are being a busybody. Please care for other drivers by NOT slowing down to look.

So yes, we are Malaysian drivers, we have our own unique habits. But that does not mean we cannot change. Please.. change...It's for the greater good of mankind It will make Malaysia a better place to live and drive in.. and it will give me less headache..

which I am still having *sad face*


Lydia said...

I hate #6 especially during morning rush hour traffic!! I would so love to come down from my car and strangle them!! *Arghhhh!!!!!*

Esther Chew said...

Yeah, me too... and the worst will be they allow other cars to cut infront of them...