September 17, 2010

Kids love ice-creams right?

I was fetching some kids home today. On the way, I decided to treat them for some ice-cream at McDonalds. Surprisingly, they were quite reluctant. *shock* I thought all kids love ice-cream.

Anyway, I insisted; parked my car, emptied them out from my car, headed to the counter and placed my orders. As I was waiting for the ice-cream to be ready, I felt a tap on my arm. I turned around. They were fidgeting and looking at their feet. Then one of them looked up at me with big eyes and and said,

"Che che Esther, we will pay you back for the ice-cream"

I was floored.. Talk about ice-cream dilemma..

A kid offering to pay for his ice-cream?? How come my younger brother and sister never offered to pay for their own food? And I'm talking about primary school kids. One was a small tiny size 8 year old girl. One was a chubby plump with cheek you feel like pinching all the time 10 year old boy. Another was a small handsome 11 year old boy. And the eldest was a pretty 12 year old girl.

So cuteee right??

Anyway, it was only RM1 per ice cream. Of cos I paid for it. How on earth can take money from children?

But I was so stunned after that incident that I ended up without an ice-cream. I mis-calculated *sob*sob*

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