September 29, 2010

no fair!!!

It's a sad flower... *flower = me la*


Because Rockstar just left for a 9-days trip to Hongkong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou.

And I'm sad not just because he is gone and I'm going to miss him..  But I WANNA GO TOOO!!!!! It's not fair...

He is keeping his resolution of 6 trips per year. So far this year, its been Taipei, Phuket, Beijing - Tianjin, Singapore, Padang, Hongkong-Shenzhen-Guangzhou and maybe even more...

For me, its only been Taipei, Phuket, Beijing - Tianjin and erm.... that's all... Half quota only..



Is Tawau considered? If yes, then its 4/6 = 2/3 of trips acheived.. ... YAY!!!

Ok, I think I'm sleep deprived. This is what you get when you wake up at 5am in the morning to send your boyfriend off to look for some HongKong girls *sad face again*

Anyone needs a dinner date, come look for me k... Since Rockstar is not around, I am now available.. *muahahaha* who ask him to go HongKong and leave me behind?

Ok, I think to bed I shall go...

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