September 25, 2010

Game over

I deal with alot of young people...

And it always amused me whenever I see the guys trying to go after the girl they like... Just think of awkward hands, unbroken voices trying to sing, the I'm cool-look-at-me poses and hairstyles, and oh, the happy bliss moments when the girl smiles at's like the world stood still...

How I wish for those moments once again...

Why does it all change once you get into a relationship? No more tinkling funny feeling in stomach. No more thinking that the girl's smile lights up your life. No more wanting to spend more time together just doing nothing. No more doing all kinds of funny stuff just to make her happy......And it gets worst later part in relationships.

What happen to falling-in-love?

There was this young boy who came into the shop, and he was acting weird at the beginning. Going around, looking at things closely, picking them up, walk around again, then putting it back. And he was really really shy. It didn't take long for me to realise that he was buying a present for a girl. Awwww.... so sweet!

But it reminded me of a girl friend. She once told me that her boyfriend downloaded every single season of Project Runaway for one of his crushes as a birthday present. But now, when she ask him to download something for her... she's been waiting 2 years and counting... still nothing...

Oh, what about all those wife who's husband does not want to fix the leaking toilet? Or even buy her a new handphone? Or even just to spend some time with her instead of watching tv? Or getting irritated with her for no reasons?

It's it because the chase is over?

Why is it that being in a relationship makes you stop trying?

It's like saying "Yes" or "I do" means there is a big chop on our forehead that says "Game Over".

Can falling-in-love continues even after you are in love?

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