September 18, 2010

I miss my shoes

One thing that I miss after leaving the corporate world is.....MY SHOES!!!!

I miss strutting down the office aisle in my sexy heels..

I miss choosing my clothes to match my shoes..

I miss sharing and showing off my collection of shoes with my colleagues..

I miss shopping and buying gorgeous shoes..

I miss painful and aching ankles.. *seriously*

And my shoes missed me too…


I have a lot of shoes. Well, not as much as Carrie Bradshaw but I wish I did *wistful* Shoes are my weakness. No, it's not an addiction... I only buy shoes that I really like.. Which is like every week month *sheepish grin*.. That was before ok. Now no point buying them. But shoes are my therapy. Whenever I am sad, or stress…shoes makes me happy. All my troubles and problems seem to vanish the minute I go shoe shopping *bliss*

It’s been almost a year since I touch them *horror*

Check out the layers of dust covering them… let’s not talk about the amount of cobwebs…

You think that’s a lot? When I left Sunway last year, I threw away many pairs which were much loved. These are the survivors..

Anyway, last weekend I took them out and did a spring cleaning. After all, a girl got to take care of her shoes..

So this is the end results. My beloved shoes…Aren’t they pretty?

Wait, that’s not all… I have another shoe cupboard for all my slippers, monobos, sandals, etc.. I call it the “Flatties” cupboard.

They are the ones that I wear nowadays. Well, I can’t possible lug around goods and boxes of stuff in my high heels right? Or wear heels standing long hours in retailing line? It’s either I’m ready for a big disaster to happen or I’m just plain crazy.

Eventhough I don't wear them anymore.. besides the occasional events like weddings.. I still like them. Sometimes when I walk thru malls, I avoid shoes shops. Why? Cos my heart aches. Seeing all the beautiful shoes and not just because I can't afford them now, I DON'T WEAR THEM. Would I be considered crazy if I just buy them for the sake of displaying them on my shelves and just admire them?

Yep, maybe a little crazy... and stupid too..

Anyway, I will dedicate this post to all my beloved shoes. You will be sorely missed :( But I promise you that you will never be forgotten. One day…

one day….



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