September 12, 2010

Weird as in funny weird

Something weird happened today. I was at the Psalms Oasis Atria outlet.

An elderly, white hair gentleman walked passed with his young grandson. As I stopped them and talk to him about a plaque which was placed leaning the wall on the floor, he suddenly looked at my feet and exclaimed in mandarin (roughly translated by me) “Your feet is very pretty”. And then he looked at me. "Very pretty feet", he concluded.

I was too stunned to say anything. So I just smile and blurted out “Thank You”.

Then he walked away. After 2 steps, he turned back, and said to me again in mandarin (again roughly translated by me), “This is the first time I’ve seen such a pretty feet. First time” ; while using his finger to show one (1) to emphasize his point.

Then he walked away.

I was so stunned that I just stared after him for a long time.

Weird huh?

Anyway if you are curious, I took a picture of my feet.

Do I have pretty feet?


Another family came into the shop. When the father saw me, he said “Eh, you are up here also?”. Knowing what he mean but just felt very naughty, I stared at him and did my best to look very confused *evil grin*. Then the wife came to his rescue. She whispered very loudly to her husband, “Eh, not the same girl la”. And then they both looked very sheepish and tried to look away. And then the kind me decided to end the game by saying, “Yes, the girl downstairs is my sister”. I could barely contain my laughter when they both gave huge relieved sighs and said “No wonder la. You both look so alike”

*grins* My twin sister, Lydia, helped me at the booth today. Psalms Oasis had a promotion booth on the ground floor, whereas, the shop was on the 2nd floor. When customer goes to the booth, she directs them to the shop on the 2nd floor. When they go up to the 2nd floor, they see the same girl again. Talk about seeing a ghost.. I wonder what thoughts were running through their head, "Wah, the girl run so fast up and down ar" or "Hmmmm, how come got 2 person with the same face. It's cheepy". or "Is this shop even real? Are we dreaming?"

Haha.. My imagination is running wild.
Anyway, thank God we did not scare any customers away.

Isn’t it fun being a twin?


gapnap said...

but your taste in guys better

Esther Chew said...

haha... wait till edwin hear or see this :)